Friday is Mother’s Day in much of the world, but of course the United States always has it on the second Sunday of the month. So if you are interested in giving a gift to your favorite chica for sure it would be appreciated. I have taken ladies out to dinner (do not recommend this unless you have a reservation), bought chocolates or flowers, but most recently have been giving therapeutic massages as gifts from VivaMex on Revolucion close to 4th street on the East side of the street. I paid $40US for a package and it does not expire for a month. I made an appointment for Friday as well, since I know my wife can go on that day. Many like to order flowers from our site and that can be a good option for someone that does not visit that often but wants to show their fondness for a chica.

The Kentucky Derby has come and gone but not without some controversy. The winning horse was disqualified and although I am not a huge fan, it was without a doubt the right call by the stewards. Somehow our President found time to tweet about it and blame it on political correctness. He certainly has never worried about political correctness. I, by the way, did not cash a single ticket on the race.

Gearing up for the June 8th fiesta and all I can say is get your room reservations in as they always go fast for our parties. Looks like we have more dates scheduled for Friday, but several for Saturday as well. Unfortunately Ana Jo will be leaving that weekend but promises to be back soon. Divina has not made one fiesta and she promises to make this one. I sure hope she does. What I can say from experience is that time flies at these events and I will try and make it fun for all that attend.

Will cut it short now, but please as always be safe out there.


Today is “kids day” here in Mexico. I believe it is unique to Mexico. Tomorrow is “Labor day” in Mexico but I am not sure things will be different anywhere around town. More importantly May 10 is Mother’s Day in many countries around the country including Mexico. It is a day that we normally have several guys send flowers to their favorite Mothers. Anyway thought you might want to know.

NBA is in their playoffs. I have yet to watch a game, so I have very little to say. Honestly I have not watched 10 minutes of baseball yet, but I do check the standings and scores from time to time. Saul Canelo Alvarez has a title fight on Saturday May 4, and it should be a crazy evening around town. He fights Daniel Jacobs in a fight that some folks think he could lose but Alvarez is a 4-1 favorite.

There is some excitement growing around our next fiesta and certainly I am excited. I hope we have a good number of chicas in attendance and I will be inviting them all. I am sure there will be some new chicas there that I have not even met yet. I know a few of my friends that only visit Tijuana once or twice a year are planning on attending. One thing for sure is the time passes very quickly when we have a party.

Bought a plaque today to place on the door to announce the name of our party room, “The Luis Montano Jr. Salon” Just hope that none of the young folks that frequent the bar over the weekends do not vandalize it. I will have it mounted the week of the party so not to give anyone too much opportunity.

Divina is suppose to get new pics soon and I keep after Sarahi but her regular clients just keep scheduling her so she does not seem to feel a need. I hope that some of our ladies that normally don’t get to the parties do make this one. It is always good exposure and sometimes the ladies miss that point.

Hope to be back soon. Please be careful out there.


Well there is a lot of talk about closing the border permanently. I personally don’t think that will happen and of course not permanently. When our President leaves office would he tell the next President that the border will remain closed forever?

So far business is brisk but the threat of closing the border did effect our business before as more than a few clients canceled their dates for fear of getting shut in. Others felt they preferred to be in Mexico if the border was shut down. One guy said that if the border closed while he was here, that it would be the same as a lifetime pass to Disneyland.

I have lived here a long time and I don’t think I would live in Mexico if I was not close to the border, so that I can return to the US as needed. I suppose at some point I may not feel that way. I like being close to the border in the event of a medical emergency.

A group of my friends and myself are going to set up a table at Halloween and give candy to the “Trick or Treaters”. In Tijuana you here them say “Tricky Tricky” but I think that is an attempt to say what the kids in the States say. We will set up in front of El Torito. Anyway we should have enough candy (and the quality stuff) to last a while. Hopefully we can bring attention to our ‘Amigo de Santa” program as well.

Saturday is the Final Four for NCAA basketball. Should be some good games and all four are playing very well. I suppose Michigan State is now the favorite but think Texas Tech could knock them off. Should be fun to watch all the same.

Got pics of Lluvia S today and hoping she gets a chance to work. The pictures she sent me were not good and it took me awhile to get her to the studio. She is an attractive chica and ready to work.

Will finish this up and try to get back soon. Be careful my friends.


Sometimes the mascots of sports teams become very political and people can take offense. I am for the most part of German and Irish decent. That being said I am a fan of “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame. Their mascot is a leprechaun and that is ok for me, but maybe someone can take offense. I have heard of the Irish of being a bunch of drunks, and that is probably offensive to some. For whatever I have never heard any arguments that the mascot or the name is offensive. That however, does not mean that it is right.

You hear a lot about our Native American friends and over the years some mascots have been changed while others have not. St Johns was named the “Red Men” and now are known as the “Red Storm”. I hate to be ignorant but who took offense to the “Orange Men” from Syracuse and they now are the “Orange”? I don’t even know what an Orange Man is. Miami Ohio changed from Redskins to the Red Hawks. I have heard may say the mascots of the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Redskins are racist or offensive and if the original Americans take offense to that, then I am ok with changing their name. Not all Native Americans are upset about this and I suppose some may be disappointed if the names were changed. Personally I am happy to accept any decision. It is not my fight and I am certainly not wanting to offend anyone.

What about the West Virginia “Mountaineers”? I have been to sporting events where there opponent has referred to them as the “Hillbillies”. Maybe their fan base is Granny, Jethro , Uncle Jed, and Ellie May? Maybe their fans enjoy a little of Granny’s moonshine? And it could be that their fan base embraces the idea of being Hillbillies.

I do not believe there is a Floyd Central High school in Indiana any longer, but when they were in existence they were known as the “Super Hicks” and I am guessing not everyone embraced that title.

Here in Mexico, people don’t seem to be too sensitive. It seems just fine to call a man “Gordo” or a women “Gorda”. I have heard dark skinned guys referred to as “Negro”. My neighbor has a dog name “Negro” and that is just how it is here.

I could however see how the shit could hit the fan if a team in Jalisco or Sinaloa was nicknamed “Los Narcotraficantes”. I am guessing that would open up another can of worms.

I remember about 20 years ago when USC beat Oregon State in football by a very lopsided score a headline read “Trojans pound the Beavers”. I am guessing their are others, but that one was particularly funny to me.

I think I will call it a day. Maybe it will be a bit more pleasant weather wise, but all the same please be careful out there and remember our June 8 fiesta.


Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day. My Mom was a Garvey and so we always were sure to wear green. You probably already know that the 11th commandment in our house was “Thou shalt love Notre Dame. ” Might have been the very most commandment in our house.

We just added several chicas today and had a couple return so it has been a good week for us. I wish Leah could do more than Saturdays as she is always popular. Maybe she will get some other days off around Easter. I will try to stay on it.

Tomorrow the pairings will be announced for the NCAA basketball tournament. I am kind of pulling for Nevada and Buffalo to make some noise. Gonzaga is also a Mid Major but since they will be a number 1 seed they are more or less looked at like they are from a power conference. There are 3 other tournaments that run at the same time, and almost no one other than a gambler is aware of. Anyway I am looking forward to seeing he pairings and even more to see the games.

Looks like Johnny Manziel will most likely play for the Memphis Express in the AAF next weekend. This surely is his last shot to play football and should either get promoted to the NFL or finish his career in Memphis. Time will tell and it won’t help rating at all that they will be competing against the NCAA basketball tournament for viewers.

It was warm today and I certainly hope that is a trend that we are finished with the rain and cold. The rain has been brutal in Tijuana and SoCal this Winter. I can do without the cold nights.

We are hoping to move the sight to a new server in the next 6 months and hopefully you will see no negative effects from this change. My webmaster is working on it and I will know more later.

I have secured El Torito for Saturday June 8th for our next fiesta. It will be in the newly named “Louis Montano Jr” salon. My webmater will be adding that to the site as well. Hopefully it will not be too hot and for sure it will be a hot time.

Please be careful out there and I promise to be back soon.


I just started watching episodes about the Smiley Face Killer’s. I live a very sheltered life and only leaned about this on the Dr. Phil show earlier in the week. I think I watched 5 episodes this morning and enjoyed it, but those type of shows always get my attention. My biggest take away is that it appears that law enforcement is quick to label the deaths as accidental but I saw a lot to make me think they were murders. What puzzled me is that some did not seem to be so random and if there are a group of Smiley face murders out there, then I am not so sure all of these were from this group. I will be watching more for sure. If this is new to you as well you can find it on the Oxygen Network. It appears to have lots of police mysteries and may be a channel I watch a bit more.

The rain was brutal this week. My roof had a leak into the main bedroom and we had buckets put down to catch most of the water. Our handi-man was here 3 times to fix it. Appears to be ok now. Had a similar problem a few years ago but this leak was in a different area. I heard hail hitting the apartment in a recent downpour but was too lazy to get up and check it out.

Ana Jo seems to be doing real well and guy love her. I hope that Lisa will do well also as she only worked with us briefly in 2013 before a client retired her. She was all natural when she left, but came back with enhanced 40 DD’s and a SUV. Seems to be upbeat and comes back with a good attitude.

I have been watching the knew football league called the Alliance of American Football (AAF). The quality of football is better than what I may have guessed. Seems like the NFL is supporting this new league and that alone should keep them in business for quite awhile. They are kind of selling it as AAA football or the minor league full of players wanting to be called up.

March Madness is coming and I hope to write about the tournament in a future blog. I seem to be slipping a little as with the new family in the house I don’t find myself watching much basketball. Things are going recently well with my wife and her son and my 7 year old visits every weekend.

Hope we start getting some warmer weather. I find myself not wanting to leave in the evenings as it is just too cold. I have put off meeting a friend about 2 weeks now and hope to see him next week.

Going to take off now, but please be careful out there and we will be here when you are ready to visit.


Hello Folks. Thought I would write a morning blog since I have been so lazy at night. Well kiss the NFL good bye for a few months and starting Saturday a new league will start called the American Alliance of Football or the AAF. It is suppose to be a lot different with no kick offs or extra points, as shorter play clock and a weird style of gambling. There is suppose to be an app where you can watch live streaming and bet on things like the heart beats of players or speed of running backs. I am not sure I want or at least am ready to wager, but I will be watching to see how competitive the games are. One of the goals is to get some players a chance to play in the NFL.

Well things are looking good for Team Juanita. We just added Amy last night and she is young, speaks English, has no children and is very pretty. Abby just recently joined and today arrive Mary and Ana Jo. Look forward to new pics of these last two and I will meet with them today so I can put more info on our site. Both have a few dates on our calendar already so they should do well.

With talent like Chris, Katia, Dulce, Kimberly and Gisselle we were already ahead of all other agencies but with these four additions the competition is more between our own agency that with any one else. Sarahi is still plugging along with her group of clients that never seem to stray, as well as Ana Lucia who is getting lots of attention. Nicole is no longer the franchise but she is still very good and brings a great attitude to work every chance she gets. Karina seems to have found a new fan club with her green hair and everyone always checks to make sure what her hair color is. Vanessa started a week ago and has already been retired. I am not sure how long that will last and she will be welcomed back if she does become “single” again.

People are asking about our next party and I am honestly not sure, but hoping maybe in June or maybe even May. The room at El Torito has now been named the Luis Montano Jr room and I am so happy to know that is a way we can remember him. So I look forward to announcing the fiestas at that location.

I am looking forward to March Madness and will just mention two teams that may surprise some folks. They would be Buffalo and Nevada and both are full of talent with several seniors on their roster. Will most likely have more to say as the tournament nears.

I appreciate your taking the time to follow my blog and all the encouragement you send me by e-mail. I really want to add more entries, but I am lazy and particularly in the cold months. Please be safe out there and when you are ready we will be ready for your visit.


Happy New Year folks.

Well Clemson won the National Championship and we only have 7 NFL games left so I will do my best to enjoy the next 4 weeks.  Clemson left no doubt who the top team is and their performance was unbelievable. Can hardly wait until next year.

By this time, you must know I am a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  So one of my favorite song is “Rosalita” where Bruce is in a relation with a Mexican lady and her family is not so supportive of the relationship. I often wonder what Rosalita looks like.   I have a good number of women to consider on our page.   In my mind Rosalita has black hair, and a sexy body and is a passionate true lady.  The kind of woman that asks not what your man can do for you, but what she can do for her man.  She is a simple woman that may work as a waitress or a maid.  She loves her family and she loves her man.  I don’t know that I have met this woman but I spend way too much time thinking about her.  For what is is worth Rosalita is from Tijuana or at least lived there, as he mentions San Diego in the song, so in my mind she is living in Tijuana.

In Born to Run, Bruce has a chica named Wendy with him and in Thunder Road it is Mary.   I would love to have all 3 on our site but have not obsessed with what they look like as I do with Rosalita.  The original version of Thunder Road was with a chica named Angeline.  In Spirit in the Night Bruce was with a party girl named Crazy Janey.  It was Mary again in The River. He has other ladies in his music like Kitty, Mary Lou, Gloria, Cynthia, and Candy.

I wonder if there has ever been a pageant to name a Rosalita.  It would be fun to see what the winning lady would look like.  I am not sure the winner has to be the prettiest chica in the contest but for sure she is quite attractive.  I would guess that in my mind maybe Perla (from years ago) or Divina (today) would be cut out of the Rosalita mode.

The noise around the border  I hope is old news, and business seems to be back to where it was.  The wait times walking across are minimal and I have crossed twice this week in the mornings with no issue.  I think Ped West is the fastest way and Ped East is the most convenient.

Please be safe out there, and just know “We are waiting for you”

Here is a young Bruce singing Rosalita:



Hope you are all getting ready for the Holiday.  Two weeks left for Christmas.  One thing I have not embraced is buying gifts on the internet.  I like being able to see what I am buying and touch a present before buying.  I suppose some say the same with escorts and that is why we have parties….at least that is part of the reason for our parties.  I have however bought over the internet.  I was said to see Toys R US close down their brick and mortar locations.

Today I go to school to give a presentation on how Christmas is celebrated in Holland.  Did you know that the Dutch actually celebrate Christmas on the 5th of December?  One of the interesting things I learned that their Santa enters Holland at different ports every year. For those kids that behave badly, they are put in a sack and taken to Spain to learn to behave. There Santa is called SinterKlass and his helper is Zwarte Pieten (Black Peter) and it is Zwarte Pieten who puts the bad children in the bag to take back to Spain.  His is a picture of two of them   They do say that many other helpers dress up like SinterKlass and Zwarte Pieten because that is too much for one team to handle.


I have more to buy but I am catching up quickly.  Just remember to be safe out there.



Today is Pearl Harbor day.  I am no Historian, and when I ask this question, I am sure many of you will have the answer, but why was Japan compelled to bomb us?  All I really know that on December 8, 1941 my Father enlisted in the Army.  He had great pride in telling me that was his answer to our Country being attacked. I am sure there is lots of different accounts and sides to this historical event, but at least when all was done, my Country helped rebuild Japan.  I have a few Japanese friends and lots of time has passed but it seem like our Countries are great allies today. We often talk about the sacrifices many American’s made to preserve our freedom, but it should be noted that the Japanese are a proud people as well and even had soldiers giving their life as a Kamikaze fighters flying their planes right into instant death proving their love for their County.  My father did not give his life, but I am a proud son of a WWII veteran.

Tomorrow morning there will be a football game played between the Midshipmen of The Naval Academy and the Cadets from Westpoint’s Army.  It will be fiercely competitive battle with each team giving maximum to achieve victory and most likely a game not many will watch.  Not many may be strong as not near as many people will watch that game as watched Georgia and Alabama the week before.  When the game is over the two sides will meet and shake hands and both sides will have life long memories of the competition.  It would be silly for Countries to settle disputes with a football game, but it would not be any sillier than seeing which side can end the life of more people than the other.  Any way I have great confidence in my Countries military and our brand of football as well.  We will defeat you either way, but at least you will have only minor casualties if we decided our differences with a football game.

The fiesta was a great success.  I thought we may have a small crowd with all that has been written about the “Caravan” and peoples fear of being trapped in Mexico.  I get it….I really do.  If you have a wife and family, how are you going to explain the border is closed and you won’t be home tonight.  To a lesser extent that could happen any day with a natural disaster.  The news tells a story every week that I would never have dreamed of 20 years ago.  Remember how our world changed on September 11, 2001?  You know some wealthy bastard took a plane somewhere his wife was unaware of and got stranded and could not get home as he planned. You just never know how your day is going to pan out.

I thought we had about 60 guys at the fiesta, but I have been told it was closer to 100.  I did plan it a little different than usual and I ran over even leaving out the games.  Giving the chicas there raffle winnings took a bit longer than usual or expected.   I wanted to recognize my friend Big Lou, and that was quite emotional and I got chocked up. Big Lou was missed and maybe it was appropriate that the DJ I did schedule was sick and it showed everyone how important Lou is at our fiestas.  If you missed it, there if a picture of Lou hung by the DJ booth and it should stay there forever (or until someone steals it).  Lou, I felt your presence in the room, and I know you will never miss a fiesta from now on.

Football is winding down but there are lots of great games left from the college bowl games to the final weeks of the NFL and of course the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl.  So we have about 2 months left and enjoy it folks because it will pass with the quickness.

I am starting to bet college basketball and my start has not been great, not even good but I can always hope.

I will try to be back soon.  Please be careful out there.  People get nuts around this time of year.  Put 96.5 on your San Diego FM radio on and enjoy the season.  Don’t worry so much about being on time but concentrate on being safe.  Let other folks get all worked up and get home safely and enjoy your families.