Month: March 2019


This young mother was here before but had issues with her phone and never actually worked. She now has a phone and is available and ready to meet new men from North of the border. She is 5’6″, weighs 120lbs and has natural 32B’s. She works as a nurse so she will try and schedule around her dates. It would be great to ask at least a day in advance. She is bi-sexual and can see men, women, and couples. She should be able to work overnight too.


She is brand new to this but ready to start. She is 21 with no children is 5’1″, weighs 127lbs, and has natural 32B’s. She works afternoons in a factory and needs to be done by 2pm on any day. You should request her a couple of days in advance. She is bi-sexual and is a bit nervous about starting. Her face will not be shown here, but I can share her pics privately. Her smile is beautiful and she is a very nice young lady. She may be able to work overnight but could not start until 1am. She wants Sunday for her family and will not work on Sundays.


Sometimes the mascots of sports teams become very political and people can take offense. I am for the most part of German and Irish decent. That being said I am a fan of “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame. Their mascot is a leprechaun and that is ok for me, but maybe someone can take offense. I have heard of the Irish of being a bunch of drunks, and that is probably offensive to some. For whatever I have never heard any arguments that the mascot or the name is offensive. That however, does not mean that it is right.

You hear a lot about our Native American friends and over the years some mascots have been changed while others have not. St Johns was named the “Red Men” and now are known as the “Red Storm”. I hate to be ignorant but who took offense to the “Orange Men” from Syracuse and they now are the “Orange”? I don’t even know what an Orange Man is. Miami Ohio changed from Redskins to the Red Hawks. I have heard may say the mascots of the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Redskins are racist or offensive and if the original Americans take offense to that, then I am ok with changing their name. Not all Native Americans are upset about this and I suppose some may be disappointed if the names were changed. Personally I am happy to accept any decision. It is not my fight and I am certainly not wanting to offend anyone.

What about the West Virginia “Mountaineers”? I have been to sporting events where there opponent has referred to them as the “Hillbillies”. Maybe their fan base is Granny, Jethro , Uncle Jed, and Ellie May? Maybe their fans enjoy a little of Granny’s moonshine? And it could be that their fan base embraces the idea of being Hillbillies.

I do not believe there is a Floyd Central High school in Indiana any longer, but when they were in existence they were known as the “Super Hicks” and I am guessing not everyone embraced that title.

Here in Mexico, people don’t seem to be too sensitive. It seems just fine to call a man “Gordo” or a women “Gorda”. I have heard dark skinned guys referred to as “Negro”. My neighbor has a dog name “Negro” and that is just how it is here.

I could however see how the shit could hit the fan if a team in Jalisco or Sinaloa was nicknamed “Los Narcotraficantes”. I am guessing that would open up another can of worms.

I remember about 20 years ago when USC beat Oregon State in football by a very lopsided score a headline read “Trojans pound the Beavers”. I am guessing their are others, but that one was particularly funny to me.

I think I will call it a day. Maybe it will be a bit more pleasant weather wise, but all the same please be careful out there and remember our June 8 fiesta.


Ariana is back! This young mother is a student and attends school until 1:30 on weekdays so can do dates at 4 and later.  If requested overnight, it would be best she has a day’s notice.  She is 21, 5’1″, has 34B’s and weighs 117lbs.  She can work bi-sexual and would love to team with her friend and proven superstar Divina.   Hope to have new pics soon.


This 23 year old mother has worked in other sites briefly with great results.  She has been refereed to me from multiple friends of Team Juanita and I can say without hesitation that she is outstanding.   She is a very sweet and nice, but is not shy or reserved in the room and from all accounts you better come well rested.  I have been waiting a month for these pics and happy to have her on our team. She has 34D’s, is 120lbs and is 4’11”.  She loves women as well and would love to pair her with Nicole or Divina.  She will do our overnight promotion and can work all hours


Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day. My Mom was a Garvey and so we always were sure to wear green. You probably already know that the 11th commandment in our house was “Thou shalt love Notre Dame. ” Might have been the very most commandment in our house.

We just added several chicas today and had a couple return so it has been a good week for us. I wish Leah could do more than Saturdays as she is always popular. Maybe she will get some other days off around Easter. I will try to stay on it.

Tomorrow the pairings will be announced for the NCAA basketball tournament. I am kind of pulling for Nevada and Buffalo to make some noise. Gonzaga is also a Mid Major but since they will be a number 1 seed they are more or less looked at like they are from a power conference. There are 3 other tournaments that run at the same time, and almost no one other than a gambler is aware of. Anyway I am looking forward to seeing he pairings and even more to see the games.

Looks like Johnny Manziel will most likely play for the Memphis Express in the AAF next weekend. This surely is his last shot to play football and should either get promoted to the NFL or finish his career in Memphis. Time will tell and it won’t help rating at all that they will be competing against the NCAA basketball tournament for viewers.

It was warm today and I certainly hope that is a trend that we are finished with the rain and cold. The rain has been brutal in Tijuana and SoCal this Winter. I can do without the cold nights.

We are hoping to move the sight to a new server in the next 6 months and hopefully you will see no negative effects from this change. My webmaster is working on it and I will know more later.

I have secured El Torito for Saturday June 8th for our next fiesta. It will be in the newly named “Louis Montano Jr” salon. My webmater will be adding that to the site as well. Hopefully it will not be too hot and for sure it will be a hot time.

Please be careful out there and I promise to be back soon.


This 25 year old has no children and is 4’9″, weighs 99lbs and has 34B’s. She works in a coffee restaurant similar to Starbucks.  She can work all hours and will do overnights if given a days notice.  She is bi-sexual as well. She had left the business for a short while but is ready to provide that great service that our clients have learned to expect.


This 31 year old mother is ready to join Team Juanita. She is 5’2″, weighs 118lbs and has natural 36B’s. Worked in a clothing store before coming to Tijuana and will work bi-sexual and can provide Greek with guys that are not large. Could just be a game time decision. She can work all hours and overnights as well. Pictured below with her friend Sasha.