Month: January 2019


This 24 year old mother worked at a shoe store before traveling to Tijuana from Guadalajara. Guadalajara has produces some outstanding Team Juanita escorts over the years and there is no reason to believe anything less from this one. She is 5′ tall, weighs 110lbs, and has natural 32B’s. She can work bi-sexual and would love to work with her friend Vanessa. She is up to Greek as well.


This 20-year-old mother has been with us for a year now, but has a good attitude and a great set of 36DD’s. She is 5-3″ and weighs 135lbs. There are reports that says she is a squirter and everyone agrees that she has fun on her dates.  Makes an excellent overnight companion and can work all hours.  Karina does change her hair color often so feel free to ask about her current color before scheduling.  It has been reported that she gives you your money’s worth and stays busy all night long.

Pics taken on 1-25-19


This young lady has no children and will turn 22 near the end of February.  She does not speak much English but says she understand more.  She is 5′ tall and weighs 115lbs.  She has 32B’s and can work during the day but not after 9pm.   She has worked in a gym to assist in boxing classes and she can work bi-sexual as well.   Her pics are from January of 2019.


She is ready to begin working full time once again as of 1-15-19,

This young mother is 24, 5’2″, and 104lbs with 32B’s. She is from Tijuana is bi-sexual and is attending school in administration  She loves working with her friends Dulce and Katia. She says she can do all hours including overnight. When time allows she enjoys shopping in the US. She speaks excellent English,


Pics taken 5-15-18



Happy New Year folks.

Well Clemson won the National Championship and we only have 7 NFL games left so I will do my best to enjoy the next 4 weeks.  Clemson left no doubt who the top team is and their performance was unbelievable. Can hardly wait until next year.

By this time, you must know I am a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  So one of my favorite song is “Rosalita” where Bruce is in a relation with a Mexican lady and her family is not so supportive of the relationship. I often wonder what Rosalita looks like.   I have a good number of women to consider on our page.   In my mind Rosalita has black hair, and a sexy body and is a passionate true lady.  The kind of woman that asks not what your man can do for you, but what she can do for her man.  She is a simple woman that may work as a waitress or a maid.  She loves her family and she loves her man.  I don’t know that I have met this woman but I spend way too much time thinking about her.  For what is is worth Rosalita is from Tijuana or at least lived there, as he mentions San Diego in the song, so in my mind she is living in Tijuana.

In Born to Run, Bruce has a chica named Wendy with him and in Thunder Road it is Mary.   I would love to have all 3 on our site but have not obsessed with what they look like as I do with Rosalita.  The original version of Thunder Road was with a chica named Angeline.  In Spirit in the Night Bruce was with a party girl named Crazy Janey.  It was Mary again in The River. He has other ladies in his music like Kitty, Mary Lou, Gloria, Cynthia, and Candy.

I wonder if there has ever been a pageant to name a Rosalita.  It would be fun to see what the winning lady would look like.  I am not sure the winner has to be the prettiest chica in the contest but for sure she is quite attractive.  I would guess that in my mind maybe Perla (from years ago) or Divina (today) would be cut out of the Rosalita mode.

The noise around the border  I hope is old news, and business seems to be back to where it was.  The wait times walking across are minimal and I have crossed twice this week in the mornings with no issue.  I think Ped West is the fastest way and Ped East is the most convenient.

Please be safe out there, and just know “We are waiting for you”

Here is a young Bruce singing Rosalita: