Month: October 2018


I am amazed always at the amount of guys that do not understand that the comment form is not for scheduling dates.  Often their comments are disregarded as the comments form even remind the folks that the comments are for comments about their experience with the chica.   Thanks to those of you that understand.

Had a guy recently that smelled so bad the chica just called and cancelled the date on the spot.  The guy did not take it well and even said that he had a long drive.  The hotel staff had confirmed the guy smelled like he urinated on himself.  Then he followed the chica out to the taxi so our taxi driver could get a wiff of him.  Then he e-mailed stupid messages to me for about 10 days straight and tried to schedule another chica.  When I told him “no” he wanted to know why.  You know there are some that say people like me only want money, and I do want money but not at the chicas expense.  I have told no to more clients than any other agency for sure as I do have respect for the ladies and the chicas know it.

I learn as I go, and some stories are sad.  There are chicas that put up with behavior they should not have to.  I once had a chica put up with very bad behavior and when I asked her why she did not call me, she said, “I am a puta and that is part of the job.” This really hurt me as she was afraid she would lose her job and I had so much admiration for her, and she was refereed to as “the queen”.  I have lost track of her but wherever she is I still love her and nothing will change that.

Not every this has to be a negative and let me say that the business is dong very well.  I do believe Gisselle will be back soon and she even did a date during the week.  New chica Janeth has done well but not able to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Actually a date of 2 hours or more that is done on Friday at 7 would probably be ok.  Minerva and Nina are getting dates and demanding a lot of attention.  Chris is back but things are slow for her now.  Arlet started back to work and is  looking real good.  Kimberly is also doing well and would do better if she answered her phone on my initial call.  She had a good week all the same.

Football in the NCAA is near the last 4 or 5 weeks and the NFL has about 8 or 9 more weeks.  NCAA basketball starts on November 5 or 6 I believe.   Should be an action packed Winter.   I hope that we have a good turn out of chicas as well as guests for our December 1 fiesta.   I hope to say a few words about Big Lou as he is really missed.  On that same not if one of you regular guys has any DJ experience and wants to sit in, that is possible.

I want to encourage you to come and celebrate the Holiday Season, the year end and a celebration of the life our our Friend Big Lou the DJ.

Be safe as always and I will leave you a video from 1980 and how things were that day.  Not sure I will ever see this again, but if not I cannot complain.



This 28 year old mother, has no experience but I am confident she will do well.  She is a nurse and works Saturdays and Sundays all day and can work Monday through Thursday all hours and overnights. Janeth stands 5’4″, weights 110lbs and has 32B’s.  She need to be requested a minimum of 24 hours ahead as she travels very far to be here.  She speaks a little English.  She will not be doing dates of 1 hour unless she is already in town for a longer date.  She also enjoys shopping in the US when time allows.

Pics taken on 10-11-18


My good friend Maria turns 77 tomorrow.  God Bless you Maria.  I have not talked to her in several years but hope to talk to her tomorrow.  I think she is mad at me, but I will at least leave her a message and hope that she will answer her phone.  She is a very special woman and always in my thoughts and prayers.

The fiesta was announced today and as always will be the first Saturday of December.  Hopefully we will have banners up on the site as well very soon.  Working on getting the word out to our chicas.  Also working on the Amigos de Santa project and hope to have another great year for that program.

I see the site is starting to talk about the hobby and has lots of good restaurant reviews and just general talk about Tijuana.   There are many folks there that are quite knowledgeable on the city.

You all know that I eat a lot at fast food.   I was thinking about all the things I don’t like about those places.  The first thing is that all of these complaints revolve around training.  Before I go into the many issues I see, let me say that In and Out Burger seems to be ahead of the others in the training of their employees. Some may reference that they pay more than their competitors but I feel strongly that it is because they put emphasis on training.  Some of these things are repeated over and over at nearly every fast food restaurant.  The first is when giving change somehow the cashiers think it is ok to put the coin change on top of the bills when handing it to you.  This often leads to change falling to the floor or the drive way pavement.  Just seems to easy to gently put the change in the had of the customer and then give the customer the bills.  How hard is that to figure out.   I can promise you that if a cashier is trained to do that they will do it because they have to see the same problem repeating itself.  The next biggest problem is the willingness to listen.  How may times have I said, “McTrio with a double quarter-pounder with cheese the large size to go: and then the first question I am asked is “Is this for here or to go”.  The ears are very important in cashiering, whether it be at a fast food restaurant or not.  Throw in a bunch of kids playing pinchy ass and watching one or two employees doing all the work.  The places that are hiring senior citizens seem to have better presentation at condiment stands where the simple task of keeping napkins, condiment containers. straws. lids, and ice filled consistently comes natural to those type of employees.

What is strange or maybe not in the industry is how creative the employees are at doing things ahead of schedule like emptying the trash or bringing in the condiments before closing so they can leave work earlier.  I detest seeing the trash cans turned round backwards so you cannot use them and then have to hunt for the one trash can that is turned around and in service.   Some places will let the customer lines get long just to avoid opening a second register. I suspect this is lazy management trying to reduce the amount of paper work that is necessary at the close of the day or shift.  Now with all this said I do see some good customer service skills from time to time at different places. I suspect the management at Taco Bell on Dennery Roady trains well as I do notice a difference in that location.  Doubt he or she read my blog but kudos to the Manager.

Should be back soon with a blog that has more to do with our business.  Hope you enjoyed todays offering.  Be safe and of course behave.


his 23 year old Mother speaks excellent English and is 5’4, 110lbs and has natural 34B’s. She worked before in a corporate office and is ready to hit the big time escorting. She has been a star since starting on our site and now has school on Saturday mornings only.  She can work all hours and after 4pm on Saturdays and will do our overnight special. She is from Sinaloa which has produced some great escorts over the years. She is bi-sexual so she can see men, women and couples.


Kimberly comes from Guadalajara which is a city that has produced many great providers over the years.  She is 5’1, has natural 36’B’s and weighs 115lbs.  She has her tongue and breasts pierced and seem to be very pleasant.  She has no children and recently finished schooling and is ready to earn.  She will work all hours and can do our overnight promotion as well.  She has proven to be a star since joining our team.  She created a few videos for you to enjoy!  Her regular pics are below.