Month: August 2018


Luna called and asked for consideration for employment. I invited her to our recent fund raiser where she made a big impression. Luna has worked as a waitress prior to coming to work with us. She is a shorty, close to 5 feet tall and 104lbs. She will work all hours and can work bi sexual dates as well. Our clients rave about her service and her pleasant personality. I am sorry to say we have not been able to catch her true beauty, but you will not be disappointed.


Hope all is well coming into the big Holiday weekend.

Often at night I get ideas for blogs and then in the morning I wonder what that idea was.  I don’t know if that is part of getting old or is it part of thinking while in a relaxed state before sleeping.  I won’t waste any time debating this and just accept that it happens.

Technology……It is a good thing….I think.  I often wonder how did we get along without cell phones.  There was a day where I may be waiting for someone who is late for a date and wonder at which point I just write them off.  In today’s culture are people less punctual because of the cell phone believing they can adjust meeting times because of easy access to the other party?  For whatever it is worth, I like to think I am punctual because that is what I was taught at a very early age.  As far as business is concerned there is no dispute that our group is the most punctual.  I suppose that is something I can take credit for, but at the same time we do have issues from time to time in that regard.  We did have one day when 17 of 17 chicas were punctual or early.

The cell phone allows me to work while outside of the office.  That is a definite advantage to the business.  Borders are less restrictive now in that it is easier to make international calls today, and that for sure is good for most (not so much for the phone companies that can no longer charge a lot for international or long distance calls. I remember once negotiating the sale of tickets to a concert and as I waited for the buyer of my tickets I could not help thinking, how did we do this without cell phones? And of course everyone on the road can report an accident quicker which in turn can save lives.  And the flip side is that people paying attention to their phones can be responsible for accidents which can take lives.   I am not sure if we can all agree on a right or wrong way to use a cell phone, but I believe we can agree that if used responsibly the cell phone is a great asset to every day life.

Facebook….I like it…..but I see it cause a lot of problems.  Some people live on Facebook and I am not so sure that is a good thing.  We see signs of it being misused to persuade public opinion by people with an agenda and often with bad motives. I hear about relationships being destroyed by the Facebook by one partner’s use of that tool. People use Facebook to facilitate relationships outside of their relationship that is suppose to be exclusive.  I guess I wish I was the one that opened and devised Facebook, but we all know I did not. I suppose you can say if used responsibly then it is a good tool.

DNA…who is your Daddy?  It makes you wonder how many of us don’t know our real Father?  I see so many times on television a lady swear up and down that they know who the baby’s Father is, but in the end they were wrong.  Now I do think today folks are more liberal about cheating, and this is just another way the get caught.  Without a doubt folks have had relations outside of their exclusive relationships, but I feel comfortable saying it is more common today.

In my business I am sure that technology has helped the consumer.  Sure I can lie to you and say a 26 year old chica is 24, but with all the info out there, it is more likely that I would be exposed. When we used Craigslist to advertise there were no shortage of folks inventing stories of how they were ripped off by my agency, but most of it was easy to disprove and I did not have to respond.  Someone reported that their friend was killed outside of the Jack-in-the Box outside of a Tijuana sports complex.  Well I am sure that their is no JITB here and I suppose their are a couple of places you could call a sports complex, but there was no shortage of folks that came to my defense. In today’s climate bad news travels fast and if we were in the business of cheating people it would kill our business with the quickness. It actually is much easier to work honest as opposed to deceiving and trying to remember your story especially if you tell different stories about the same subject. BTW I am an advocate of using one name for the ladies that work on multiple sites.  That being said I do make mistakes and often do not catch them right away.  For example Angelica was listed as 37 on our site when she was actually 39.  I was called out on this buy a pissed off client, but I don’t think most people would look at that as me trying to deceive.  It was for sure that I forgot to update her age and when first posted she was 37 at the time of the post.   BTW the client was pissed off because he felt she would get more work at 37 then 39 and he wanted an exclusive relationship with her.  He actually got his wish and fucked that opportunity up is only a few weeks.  Some people just were not put on this planet to win. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog and please be safe out there.  It will be a busy traffic weekend and take your time and arrive to destination safely.  You all have people that love you and we don’t want to be cheated with our early departure.


Today is Dulce’s 28th birthday.  She somehow gets passed over by many but when he name gets called, I have a very happy client. Bless her heart as she updates her pics often.

I have failed Melissa as I did not notice the way she was pictured on our site, in that slide show app which made the pics very small.  She is another chica that does not disappoint.  Recently turned 25 has been working the same job for 3 years and goes to school on Saturdays (college courses).

Sandy has been doing well and so far everyone has either scheduled a second time or extended for more time during the date.  I believe we have the making of a superstar there.  So far in her young career she has been easy to work with.  I like when I can answer a client in a few minutes and she answers the phone and confirms her dates quick.

There is a new chica coming that I think will do well.  An 18 year old with no children but delayed pictures as she was on her day of the month.  Yesterday I met a shorty that has natural 36DD’s and is very easy on the eyes.  I hope that she can provide the same level of service as Minerva as she is definitely similar to her….except hers are natural and Minerva’s are not.

I hope you have your hotel reservations for next weekend as it is going to be a busy one and many guys have scheduled already.  I am still making some errors but working on correcting that.  Tijuana seems to be doing better than ever with new buildings popping up and lots of construction going on.

The Little League World Series in winding down and Hawaii is looking good trying to provide some cheer for those folks awaiting the hurricane.   Of course we wish the best for the people of Hawaii.  South Korea beat Japan but you have to think Japan can win in a rematch.  Look forward to seeing how this plays out.

Thank God the humidity is gone and it is a bit cooler as well.  I don’t even have the fan blowing in the house today.  I had to admit that with the humidity I had to shower 3 times a day, and of course am drinking plenty of water.

College football starts tomorrow and the following week has a full schedule.  Very much looking forward the the season both college and professional.

Have a good weekend and be safe out there.



Well the Little League World Series got underway today.   Mexico got its first win and from what I can tell they have good pitching.  They went up against a southpaw throwing heat with a good curve and survived.  We will see what they look like the next time out.  New York showed they can be beaten.  I am anxious to see Michigan play.  I am sure I will have more opinions in a few days.

NFL exhibition is in full stride and we are getting close. College football gets started in 10 days I believe.  Looks like the Irish will be strong and of course Alabama and Oklahoma.  Notre Dame and Michigan play the first Saturday and that could be a good one.  I always love the Irish and well we will see.

Business is better than ever and our depth just keeps growing.  We have even more interviews coming up and we offer choices for everyone as without a doubt we are the most diverse group in Tijuana.  It is a battle for work and often we get more than 10 dates in a day.

I cannot handle much more of this heat.  I went to the DMV on Wednesday and had to wait outside for an hour in line but luckily it was overcast and not so hot.  I thought they opened at 8 and although I was there at 8, they opened at 9 and I was maybe 50th in line.  Got to get a replacement Social Security to get my enhanced ID which I believe is necessary for 2020.

I hear the Ped East Entry into the US opened yesterday and hopefully it will run as smooth as Ped West.   I have not tried it yet and maybe will tomorrow night.  We always complain but little by little the border crossings improve and most times I make it in less than 5 minutes the last two years.   When I crossed Wednesday morning at 6am at Ped West it took and 1 hour 15 minutes and many folks were crossing with their school age kids.

I have not put much attention on Major League Baseball (the other MLB) but I understand some teams are winning at an unbelievable pace.  However when the playoffs start everyone is 0-0 and those 100+ win teams can really feel the pressure.  I am sure I will have some opinions about that as well.

We already are getting a busy weekend planned for Labor day weekend.  I would strongly suggest you make hotel reservations now for that weekend as you don’t wast to get shut out.  I am sure we will have some ladies still available but the hotels are filling up now every weekend.

Brave the heat, and be safe out there.  Football is around the corner and before you know it will be the holidays as well.

Take care



Lyly has been here a couple of times and tends not to stay long as she gets retired. She find herself single again and ready to work.  This young mother is a little short of being a MILF but is quite talented and provides Greek in addition to GFE.  She is fun and I will try to find her stats shortly.  She is a great overnight companion.

8-4-18 Part 2

I have been thinking about writing this the last few days.  Strangely after I finished part 1, my friend Big Lou the DJ passed away.   He will be missed by many and he was loved by many.  Many of you will remember his as our DJ for the past 10 years at our parties.

I believe he was 58 and soon to be 59.  Lou was a bit rough around the edges but he had a huge heart and was always the first one to help when I had any type of issue.

Lou served in the Army and had fought his battles with addiction but had been clean for many years…Maybe 20 but I only met Lou 15 years ago.   Lou love his music and his chicas and playing the part of DJ at our events put him in touch with both passions.  Although I never heard him play he played the saxophone and had been in a band only a couple of years ago.

We spend every Sunday during football season watching the games and he just loved to watch his games and shooting the bull. In the casino guys would stop to visit with him and most likely did not even know his name.  He was a guy’s guy and everyone always had a kind word for him and a pat on the back.

Lou could look very intimidating especially if you did not know him.  In reality he was a teddy bear.   He always offered “chic checks” to those that were out of line, but I never saw him act on that thought. He would get angered if he saw anyone putting their hands on a woman and would not hesitate to come to her aid and be very vocal to an abuser.  He has several sisters and would explain that he hoped anyone would do the same for them if they would find themselves in a similar situation.

On Wednesday I had the occasion to visit about what song would be best to dedicate to his memory in our fiestas.   He was not slow to answer and the song hits home to me because on this video Bruce pays respect to his partner in crime Clarence Clemons.  If you can take the time to watch this video it may help you to understand.  Lou was only my friend of 15 years, where as Bruce had Clarence for his entire adult life until June 18, 2011.  Clarence lives on in our hearts as Lou will as well. The music lives on and when I hear the sax you know I will be thinking of them both.

RIP Lou I love you

8-4-18 part 1

I plan to write a blog later, hence part 1 in this entry.

Hope you are handling the heat better than I am.  4 showers yesterday and already two today.

Little League tournaments have been going on for several weeks and right now their is Regional Play.  That means we will see a few games on television and can make opinions on the different personalities.  Soon the Little League World Series will be going and that means a lot of things.  For me it means the end of the summer and of course the beginning of Football is near.

As far as Little League is concerned there is a lot wrong but by the time we get to this point the chicken shit is eliminated and the chicken salad is left.  I think the LLWS should be mandatory for a lot of parents and coaches.  How small should they feel when seeing better games, better coaches, better players, better fans than what we have all over.  Coaches that want to argue every call…fans that are reliving their youth through their kids etc.   Granted coaches know they are on television and are on their best behavior, but being respectful and polite comes easier and is more natural.  Being as asshole can be real work with no reward.

So if you get a chance watch a game or two.  It is refreshing and entertaining.  There are so many personalities and so much for us to learn by watching the competition and the sportsmanship.  It will make you feel good and I promise that.

On the business side Keytlin just gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  That should mean she will be ready in October to return.  I plan to swing by her home this weekend with a box of diapers from Costco.  With four of them pregnant at once it can be a lot to think about, but I honestly like to think that I am having four more children.  I guess I am not exactly right when I see their bellies and wish I created that.   I know I am right when I wish them the best and tell them I love them.

My son will be here shortly and he will be playing with our new neighbor and totally forget about Daddy.  I however will use that time to write the second part of my blog this afternoon.


Try to stay cool and be safe out there.  Don’t get caught up in road rage and just take a deep breath and move on.