Month: March 2018


Hello Folks!  The NCAA basketball tournament has it’s first full day tomorrow with 16 games.  The last two play in games are today and then the entire college basketball season will be over in a blink of the eye.  I love the tournaments with most everyone keying on the NCAA but what I saw last night was nice as well. Both St Mary’s and Middle Tennessee State destroyed their opponents.  Those were two teams that would have made the tournament if their was not so many upset winners in the Conference tournaments.   Often teams that have that type of disappointment end up losing early because their is more pity in their hearts than desire.  I was glad to see them play hard in their games and I will be following then for sure as the games progress. A team that did win their conference tournament and could very well make the sweet 16 is Loyola of Chicago.  They are no joke and I am pulling for them.

Just added a new chica Kardashan and she is quite attractive.  Need to adjust her height as I have that listed wrong.   Of the newer chicas Sowi is getting a lot of attention.  I need new pics of Yovanna as she is looking great right now.  She is eating better and has eliminated alcohol from her diet.   I am not saying she is not a big girl, but she is “less” big now and her clients have made some comments as well. Divina is with child and I hope she comes back at around 7 months as she will get lots of attention as a pregnant chica.   She has my attention for sure.  Minerva is making a big splash and out earned Nicole in her first week.  Gisselle and Lea are getting lots of dates.  Nina just came back and is looking good as ever.  You may have noticed Dulce has new pics and her friend Nikki is making her escort debut.   Daniella has her first date is a couple of days and I think she will get retired quickly as she is a great young lady.

Kenia R is back and she never disappoints and her friend Sarahi is steady as ever and is looking quite good.  Jade is doing well and is very sweet and Griselda will keep buy all night long if you allow her to.  I am interviewing yet another chica this afternoon and will be concentrating on getting new pics of chicas like Sarahi as it has been awhile for her.

We are working on the site currently as something happened and our pics are getting smaller.  We hope to have a larger size picture for you real soon.

Going to cut this short, but please come visit and of course be careful out there.


Hope everyone is doing well.  First let me say that both Kenia R and Luz are coming back and available now. I am waiting for new pics to post but they are available now to anyone that has been wanting to see them.

Sunday is when we move the clock forward 1 hour so do not worry we will not cut your overnight short.  If you have an 8 hour date at 10pm Saturday night the taxi will pick up your date at 7am.   Don’t want to cause any confusion but this always does.

For those that use our service regularly this most likely will not apply but a few tips on requesting dates.

Be specific.  Can Suzy do an overnight date at 10pm Thursday March 8th for 8 hours?   That is so much better than can Suzy work Thursday,  It is nice if you can also tell me where you will be staying as that helps a lot with the scheduling of the taxis.  You would be surprised with the number of e-mails that just ask if a chica is available.  Or when a guy asks for a chica that is listed as being on vacation.  I know that the site can have errors and of course that is my fault as I am the one that updates it, but you will probably find more errors on the list of chicas that do overnight at the bottom of our price list.  I sometimes forget to pull them off when they quit or get fired, and sometimes forget to add new chicas to that list.

Our “retired” chicas have gone up a little with Jaquelin and Marisol making arrangements to be exclusive with clients.  I wish them the best of course.  Recently let Ana go as she seems to not be committed.  She just does not give this job the respect it deserves.  She is a fun young lady but I cannot put up with her canceling dates or coming late all the time.

Sowi and Minerva are doing outstanding and I hear Sowi may entertain doing overnight very soon.  Does not hurt to ask.  Divina is now with child and I hope she will be back at the 7 or 8 month of her pregnancy.  Angeles is also pregnant and I should be getting new pics soon.

For those of you that want a partner if life I think that new chica Daniella would be content in a permanent arrangement and would make a good partner for someone.  For those that do not know the agency does not take any commission on those arrangements and your deal is private with your chica.   I just take her off the site and wish her the best. You may have seen some chicas come and go over the years as they get in those deals from time to time.

NCAA basketball is winding up their regular season and conference tournaments and in 7 days will be starting the big dance. I love this time of year and looking forward to March Madness.

Planning on having my son visit soon and hope to coordinate a fiesta for when he will be here.  Still nothing has been scheduled as I know many of you are wanting to know.

Hope to be back soon and just remember to be safe out there.