Month: July 2017


It never fails.  A guy will say he is coming this weekend, ask a million questions, and not schedule a date.  Then he waits until he is in Tijuana he calls at 8pm for an overnight date.  Of course his top 4 choices are already scheduled, and he could have had them if he scheduled from the comfort of home earlier in the week.

While on the same topic a guy will schedule a date, and about an hour before the date he calls and says does she do cim…and then cancels his date. Now folks most of you are reasonable but that is a couple of things that makes me want to pull whatever hair I still have in my head.  If cim is so important than ask that question or any other before you schedule.

And the chicas….I once wrote a chica was very sweet and she did cim…and English challenged guy translates to her that  i wrote that she enjoys the sweet taste of cum.

Now mind you I don’t want to give chicas any ideas, but one of the funniest things is that chicas want to hide their face…and many do…but do they really think that Mom, Dad, and their neighbors won’t realize who that is wearing clothes she wears out just because she covered her face?  I had a chica once that had a birthmark the size of Texas on her arm, and covered her face and yet the birth mark that was so distinct was still very visible.

Now I don’t want to hex myself, because if i get excited about something often times it does not happen. That being said Penelope is suppose to be back in about a week.  Believe me that will be a big deal. For you that don’t know Penelope here are some pics of her when here before.   She has been down South dealing blackjack in a casino. Keep an eye out for her.


Anyway hope you had a good weekend. Be safe and we will be here when you are ready.


I am so ready for football season to start.   Seems like the Summer is dragging on, but at least the business is brisk and I have had many interviews of new chicas.  Manzanita and Azul are getting lots of attention and Divina actually out earned Nicole in this past week, so we may have a battle at the top.  Divina and her friend Ariana have been out a few time together and seem to be a great team.

The border is going through some changes in terms of “taxi” policy and at this time we cannot pick up where we have been picking up. There is suppose to be an entrance into Mexico open Monday on the West side of the freeway and we will see if that gives us another opportunity to pick up close to the border.  I will be updating our site when I understand how it works.  Right now I am in the dark.

Looks like there will not be an August fiesta this year.  I just don’t want to have another party in this heat.  My friend says he is getting air conditioning but I am not planning anything in August until I see it.

I saw this video the other day .  It is nothing new, but all the same I found it funny.  This happened in Chile.


There are a few chicas that never went for pictures and that is quite disappointing as one in particular would have been quite popular.  All I can say, is that we will keep interviewing and try to get more good choices always.

Be safe out there and when you are ready, we are waiting for you.


As always time is passing by with the quickness.

I have done a lot of interviewing but chicas don’t seem to be in a hurry to get pics.  I think one chica is getting pics Monday and she should do well.  Interviewing another tomorrow morning.  We will see how that turns out.

Finally got those pics of Melissa and Sherry.  Sherry has really benefited from those pics and now she is having trouble with her regular job keeping her late during the week.  She is able to do overnights on the weekends, and is a solid choice. Divina and Nicole are still holding the top 2 positions on our team and Silvia is gaining momentum as well.  Michel is picking up steam as well and this week Vanessa is back.  Sarahi and Carolina are solid choices, and if you are looking for daytime action Azul and Osiris are as hot as anyone on any site.

Hope you all have a great fourth and we are here when you are ready!

Be safe out there and take care.


She is a 5′ mother with 32B’s and is ready to start on 7-13-17.  Although she is a family friend and always curious about working as an escort, she finally pulled the trigger and went to the studio for photos.  Not sure if she is still working in a factory, but it would be best if you gave a days notice for overnight dates and she will do the $300 promo.