Month: May 2017


I am going to make this quick.  I am battling with the problem with my feet and my doctor is changing my medicine again.  I became unable to walk a few days ago after changing medicines and I am confident I will be ok within a week.  Moving from the bed to my desk top computer is a 3 foot move, but honestly I am exhausted and make it back and forth maybe 3 or 4 times a day.  I do get e-mails on my cell, but some of them cannot be answered from my cell.

As far as our agency is concerned the biggest loss has been my inability to interview and hire.  That said I have hired a couple recently and have several ready for interviews.  I hope to get them interviewed soon.  Rose has expressed an interest in coming back and I was happy to hear that.  She is a great provider and will strengthen the team.

I plan to take vacation from the 3rd of June to the 10th but as always I will be having a working vacation.  I will be a couple of hours ahead of you, but there should be little difference in my response time.  I of course will not have access to sending pics when gone that week.


In the mean time be careful and I hope to have something more to say in a little more time.


She is 25 with no children and is 5’6″, 130lbs and has 34C’s.  She has some escorting experience and is ready to move up in class.  She comes from Guadalajara where she promoted and organized events.  She says her English is about 50% but she understands it pretty well.  She also will work bi-sexual dates.  She is ready on 5-20-17.  I can send face pics privately.

She is back from Christmas vacation on 12-23-18


She must be about 27 now after several years off of work. She still is thin and ready to please.  I will work on getting pics from the studio as these don’t quite tell how pretty she is, but many of you know her from about 2013 when she was here before.  She speaks a little English now and does enjoy shopping in the US from time to time.  She will work all hours including our overnight special.

She is a top provider, but I understand she has tried working in venues that do not care about good service and she was lazy in those type situations.  Started with us at 19 and has some excellent reviews with us and I expect that to remain the same.

She is back and ready to work.