Month: February 2017

2-19 part II

Hi folks.  Wanted to put in a blog entry to explain my frustration.  First my Vonage has gone out and I have ordered a new box that should be here soon.   So my calls are being forwarded to my cell for the time being.  On top of that the site was off line Friday and I still do not know why.  Anyway the site is back up and you can e-mail or call to make your dates.

There are new chicas on their way.  There was a site that did not stay in business long and the owner contacted me about working for some of their chicas.  I don’t know these chicas but I understand they were new to the business when he hired them and I believe some of them had pretty good reviews.  On top of that I believe Diana will be back soon.

You all know how I love Bruce Springsteen and I have been watching a lot of his you tube videos when he is doing covers of songs from many different artists.   I think he could do a 4 hour show of other folks music and it would be very entertaining.  While watching videos I came across this cover of a popular Bob Seeger song and thought it was well done.

Having trouble with posting so I will put it at the bottom.


Folks be careful out there.  Remember the fiesta on March 11 and keep an eye out for some new chicas.



It is actually Friday night.  The rain has been coming down hard today. It is raining in my bathroom as well.  Hopefully the landlord will send “the guy” to fix it.  I am not “the guy” and that is for sure. Wife had to have tacos so we braved the elements and got some tonight.

Lots of new additions to the site lately and even more coming early next week.  Should get pretty interesting around here.  I am still waiting for Penelope to come back. For those that don’t remember this superstar here is a something to help you remember.


We are real light on the scheduling for the weekend of the fiesta, so get on in now and get your favorite chica now.  Should be a great time and I am looking forward to showing off new chicas Melissa and Sherry among others. Lyly is making some noice as well and I am starting to refer to Nicole as the “franchise”. Expect Jocelyn to be in attendance as well as many of our superstars.  Hoping Ana will be there and it may be a good idea for someone to schedule her as well. Rose has said if someone schedules her she will come out of retirement.  Who is she kidding, I think she is 20 now?

Spent the best part of my afternoon watching You Tube videos.  Most Bruce doing some covers. Here he is doing a Kinks favorite:





Hope you all stay dry.  Be careful out there and come and see us soon.

New Facebook!

It took a bit of figuring but I got a new Facebook account that was an old account from the webmaster.  We set up a SECRET group on Facebook for me to share photos without censorship.  This new group is called MLB and it is inaccessible unless you are a member of it.  In fact, you can’t even see the group even if you have the link unless you are a member!

If you want to join, please send a friend request to Lindo Barre – .  From there, I will add you to the secret MLB group on FB.  I know that some of you do not use your real name on FB so send me an email with your FB name after you send the friend request to Lindo Barre and you will be added.

It will take some time for me to add in all the pictures I had on my old FB but in the meantime, Fotofreak has added pics from the December Fiesta and will probably add all her photos from the Spring Fiesta and the one before that.  Feel free to share any photos you might have, too.


Happy Friday everyone.  Hope you have a great Super Bowl weekend. I will be at my friend Pepe’s restaurant “Muelle 7” en Zona Rio.  You are all welcome if you want to come. Admission is $20 and it covers your food and snacks.

You can google them or look at Face Book to see where they are, and it is close to La Mansion.

Speaking of Face Book, our account is on hold for I don’t know what, but I am going to work on a new one until the current one is restored or terminated.  Will come up with a new name and for anyone that has used our service you will for sure be invited or at least you can seek friendship and be accepted.

We are coming up on Valentine’s Day and remember you can order your flowers with us and have them delivered to anyone in Tijuana.  Lot of guys order chocolates and stuffed animals.  Check the site for details.


Got a lot of new chicas coming around.  Lyly has been approved as a super star provider and is enjoying earning more money than she is accustomed to having.  Still waiting for Candy to get pics and hoping Jocelyn does very soon.  Susana is getting a lot of attention for a new chica and will know more about her this afternoon.

Remember to make your room reservations in advance for our Fiesta weekend for the 10th and 11th of March.  Should be a great time as usual.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and I will be back soon.  Be safe out there.