Month: December 2016


As a Sophomore at Ball State University I was invited to see Harry Chapin at for Homecoming.  Who was Harry Chapin?  He is the guy that sings “Cats in the Cradle” and who has not heard that song. Well the lady that invited me was hot and I would have gone anywhere she wanted to go for sure.  I went expecting to be bored and just enjoy my company.  Well song after song Harry told a story with the poetic lyrics and like Bruce he painted a picture with every song.  I had tickets to see him play again is August of 1981 in Indianapolis Indiana but Harry was killed in a car accident on the Long Island Freeway in New Your on July 16 of that year. He was going to perform a free concert that night.

One song that was never very popular, but really told a story that I could relate to that night was “Flowers are Red”.  Innocent enough of a title and the song moved me enough that I bought the album the next day.  Remember vinyl?  Anyway thought many of you may not have heard that song, but here it is from the “Tonight Show” with John Davidson.


I have no musical talent but I love to hear music and live music.  You don’t have to be a stud in sports to love to watch the games and the same goes with music.  I only saw the one Harry Chapin concert and if it had not been for that young lady in 1978 I would not have even been to that one.  Believe me he has more than two great songs and I left that night thinking he was going to be a super star someday.  I never head of any releases of any previously unreleased music after his death but I was hoping to hear more from him.  So I will leave you with that for today.  Hope you enjoyed it.

I just love Christmas music and I suppose we can blame my Mother for that.  I guess I would prefer to give her credit as she has done much to shape me into the person I am today.   My father can also take a lot of the blame or the credit.  Since I am on that topic let’s just say my folks would not approve of my chosen profession, but looking down from above I am sure they appreciate that I am kind and compassionate to those that I work with.  Many of our clients have commented that they feel they are visting a family business when I on those few occasions am in the taxi with the chicas and the driver and it must give them a little incite into how we operate and communicate as a team.  As a youngster I wanted to be a coach.  I guess on some level I am a coach, and I do enjoy my work.

I am guessing that their are some chicas that have passed that I am not aware of but the three that I do know of are Lluvia, Marta and Brenda.  I would not have to dig deep to think of nice things to say about all of them.  They are all missed and have met their maker way too early in the game.  Lluvia was in her early 20’s while the others were into their 40’s.  I sure hope all can RIP.  I love you all.

I would recognize those that should be in our “Hall of Fame” with their pics, but since many have left the business they may not see my gesture as a good thing and I will just leave it at that.  There have been some outstanding ladies that have graced our pages and have left us all with very fond memories. I know that some of you have been using our service for 15 years or so and others that are new with us can appreciate a bit of the History.  The clients come and go just like the chicas and even if you have been here a short while, you are appreciated as are the seasoned vets.

With the Holidays coming up, try to love and respect each other.  We are going to have many opportunities to lose our cool but please see the big picture and let those problems be “that other guys problem.”   Be there for our families and friends and let the small stuff go.

You all be careful out there and although we always want to be on time, think of safety first. I will be back soon.


Today is my best friend’s Birthday.  He turns 5 today and I cherish every moment with him.  Many people call me “Daddy” but I never feel better than when I hear him say it.  A few of my friends will meet today at Peter Piper Pizza to celebrate with him.  He has progressed from Mickey Mouse to Spiderman and his cake will have a policeman on it as he was a policeman for Halloween.  Happy Birthday Brayan and Daddy loves you!

Now I just learned of the death of former Team Juanita chica, Marta last night.  Apparently on the same day of our fiesta she has a car accident and was ejected from her car, and then ran over in or near Tecate.  I would put her in her early 40’s but we will probably know more later.  She was the Mother of 3 and one is a mature adult where the boy and girls are in their teens.  These are very nice children and I am not sure who is going to take them.  I remember a few years ago I gave them both a stocking for Christmas with a Walmart gift card and that boy hugged me with so much love that I really felt for him.  Unfortunately until recently Marta was with POS guys that could care less about her children. However a very nice man had entered her life in the last few years and I am sure he was great with the kids. RIP Marta, I love you!

Many thanks to all who attended our fiesta.  I believe we had about 100 guests and for me it was non stop action.  Big Lou did a great job in the DJ box as always and thanks Lou for being you.  I love you man.  There were issues with chicas that should have been there and a couple of clients did not get their dates.  By the time I left the party I had 30 messages from chicas and clients, but I never heard my phone and was way to busy to put attention on that. The good people at El Torito set the room up for 70 guests and I told them that we were going to break 100.  Now the owner looked at me like I was crazy but by 8:30 his people were bringing in more tables and chairs and the two staff was overwhelmed but they got the job done.  I love you guys.

As for the event, I cannot even remember who won the $200 but I believe it was a new chica.  Angelica won a contest of 5 chicas showing off how they can devour a banana to everyone’s pleasure.  We played a game where 12 random guys had bananas in their pants that were worth a small cash prize or pizza, and I believe Sandra got 3 of those 12 bananas and everyone had some fun with this.  My friend FotoFreak had suggested we have both an early raffle and a late raffle to give the early birds two chances to win and  I believe that will be an ongoing feature of our fiestas.

There were some surprises as were mentioned in our advertising.  Secret Weapon was there looking great and will be available on the 17th for two weeks.  Vidiana was back, and for those that don’t remember she is a 6 foot tall, English speaking, sex machine.  Marbella showed up and surprised me as well and many chicas came to apply.  I would say in all there were 10 that I did not know and a few of them were outstanding looking.  When I left the fiesta I was drained and I was in bed by 12 and that was without the benefit of a beer. Thanks to everyone that attended and those that helped in planning for the event.

Please be safe and let’s make it through the Holidays together.  I love you guys! Will be back soon.


I hope to start embedding videos and going to give it a try hear. My favorite Bruce Springsteen invites an Elvis impersonator on stage:





Sarahi has been with us several  years  now. She is a tiny chica and weighs in just under 100lbs and is one of our overnight specialists. She does work all hours, but best to ask a day or so in advance. She is up for allowing cim and is as sweet as they come.  She has been one of our most requested chicas and is a consistent good performer.

She cannot show her face on our site but her pics are available by request.


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