Month: June 2016


Hope you are all doing well.  Was so disappointed with the news of the mass murders in Orlando.  The sad thing is that these event are more common place than ever.  I spent a day glued to the television soaking in all the news as it came available.  So senseless, and the part of about holding hostages just does not make any sense to me.  It is my opinion the kind of person that commits these acts has a death wish.

Did you see Chantel is back?  She is available at all hours, so should not be any issue about her having to get rest before work.  She is only working on our site.   Angel is back and doing well.  She told me she can help turn chicas to be bi-sexual.  Maybe she will make me a lesbian.  I will have fun trying.

Penelope started getting dates again and then she left this morning as her Grandmother is very ill in Sinaloa.  We wish her the best of course and she should be back very soon.  America and Divina are doing great, and Ashley is getting more work with her weight loss playing a big factor.   Nayeli had a couple of dates today and she is looking good.  Grecia somehow is getting overlooked but her limited availability may play into that.  Folks are catching on that Angeles is excellent as she has a repeat client tonight.  I do get that the decision can be tough with the amount of nice chicas we have.  Sarahi had guys cancel last night and tonight, but thankfully we had guys on the waiting list so she does not miss out.

I do have some chicas applying and some chicas wanting to return but it is a slow process right now. Hopefully we will have more to offer in the next few days.

Sunday is the NBA Championship Game 7, and this is the first year I have watched any of it.  Should see the game tomorrow and hopefully it will be a competitive game.   Football is coming soon and that will be a welcome relief.

Next week is a big weekend.  Folks are already scheduling for the 3 day weekend.  Not sure if there are room available now, but if you plan on visiting, you better get your reservation now.  Don’t get shut out and we will be her for sure.  Please be careful out there.   Be back soon.


Hope all is well for you.  Things are going good here, and I must apologize for not blogging recently.

If you have not heard Divina is an absolute superstar.  With her being so busy, it has taken away from the level of activity of others.

Penelope has had just rotten luck with a lot of cancellations.  New chica America has not even worked yet, and I have a good feeling about her.  I would have thought she would have had a date as soon as I posted her pics, but nothing but canceled dates so far.  Now that Angel took her pics down she has been flying under the radar.  Rose has been almost forgotten and she is as good as any chica on any site.   Kenia has been out but returns Tuesday 6-8, so look forward to that. Chantel is now not working at the bank and can do dates all hours of the day, but does not want to be pictured on our site.  Seems as if Megan, Sarahi, and Divina are holding down the fort.  All 3 are outstanding.

RIP Muhammad Ali.  I watched nearly two days of news shows about his life, and just was amazed at all the things he did that the average guy might not know about.  There is a reason he was so popular all over the world and the news stories shared all the stories and events of his life.  What a great man, and he will be missed.

We should have some new chicas by the end of the week.  Hennessy is coming back soon and she will have a new name, but will be nice to have another English speaking honey on our roster.  She may be here just a short while.  Michel has left but when she comes back to visit you can bet she will be busy.  Guys are still trying to schedule with her.

Give me a call when you are ready to visit.  In the mean time be careful out there.