Month: January 2016


Good morning friends.  I feel pumped up as today is finally the day Lucy Liu gets her pics.  Not sure how fast I will get them but the photographer is suppose to send them and I know she is going to get noticed quick.  Did you see Luna’s new pictures?  Finally pics that tell the story as she is so frickin’ cute when she goes on her dates.  The clients always comment on how much prettier she is in person.

Today I saw someone write that Team Juanita has three or four good looking chicas.    First of all that is a great consideration for the guy who said it but I have to put this on paper.











Lucy Liu

There is 11 names above of exceptional looking chicas, who our clients love.  I remember the same guy telling me that if I had 4 more Sarahi’s I would be rich, so  I guess her approves of her.   He also said once Arlet was our only pretty chica, but she was maybe 7th or 8th on our site at that time.  Not one agency in Tijuana has this many model quality chicas, yet some folks spout off about things they are not knowledgeable about.   Others  discount us because we hire women that do not appeal to them.  I will never apologize for that as everyone deserves a chance to work, and ultimately the clients decide who he sees.

Not to throw salt in the wound of the mis-informed but Michel is back today and will be here 3 weeks.  I fully expect Linda, our former Miss Tijuana to be back in a few months if not sooner.   Why is it that we have controlled the #1 spot on TER for more than 10 years?    I suppose it has something to do with the ladies we hire and promote and the nice gentlemen that follow us.   As an agency owner I am never satisfied and always in search of that new superstar.

I enjoyed the games today and had great fun with a small group of friends.  I was quite vocal about best defense, plus points at home is a nice combination to bet on.  When you are right it is such a good feeling and the money is ok as well.  Who knows who is going to win the Super Bowl, but I doubt very much Denver will turn the ball over 7 times in that game.

I just want to send a shout out to our East Coast fans that could not make the trip this weekend.  Hope everything is well with you and your family and when the weather permits we will be here.  My Son missed 4 days of school last week and sure hope he gets to attend this week.

Valentine’s day is in 3 weeks so don’t forget your flower orders.  I took some pics the other day of nice arrangements that are kind of nice if you want something different from the usual 12 roses.  Please be careful out there and be nice to each other.  Being nice is so much easier than being an asshole.  Be kind to your neighbor and try to get along.  I will be back soon.


Well once again, things you think would not affect our business throw a monkey wrench in our business.  Now mind you I feel for those folks on the East Coast. and of course hope that everybody can wait out the storm in a nice warm cozy house.  We will be here when the weather is  nicer and we are here now.  My son made school one day all week.  I asked him to think of something he can do with his Mom that they may not otherwise do.

Well Lucy Liu’s pics got postponed as the photographer had an event today and was not available to take pics.  I am pretty sure she would have been busy this weekend, but she may get scheduled anyway.  Someone else has been calling looking for a chance, but we keep missing each other.  Working on getting pics of Kimberly with a smile.  She is suppose to send some soon.

Looking forward to football this weekend.  Should be an interesting site in Carolina in the middle of a snow storm.  I have bet Denver to upset the Patriots on Sunday.  Should be a fun weekend and leading to a great Super Bowl, and I am looking forward to the Party at Muelle 7 this year.  Pepe is working to put together a nice spread, and it should be fun.

Will be back soon, but in the meantime, please be safe out there.  Call us this weekend as chicas that were scheduled now have some openings.


Well college football came to an end last night with a great final game. I bet the wrong team, but managed to enjoy the game all the same.   By March I will be ready for football to start again, but there are still 7 NFL playoff games and college basketball to enjoy, so not all is lost.  Yesterday was my son’s 16th birthday and I told him the Country was celebrating his birthday with the NCAA championship game.  I plan to visit him in March.

On the work front I just read where Arlet gave a guy about the best bbbj in his life.  Do you know how happy I am to hear that?  I would like her to return to one of the more popular chicas but she is flying under the radar right now.  She has had it kind of rough and she is so very sweet.  Guys always says she responds great to DATY, but we need her to be great in a facets of the game. 🙂   I think she has turned the corner and is handling the job like she did when she started.

The Power Ball jackpot has exceeded 1 Billion so I am going to cross later to make my contribution.  I keep hearing that past winners are generally not happy and all I can say is give me a chance.   I would give much of it away if I had that much money, that is for sure.  I am sure there will be more news stories and lots of people crossing the border for their shot. I somehow bought 10 tickets for last Friday and did not have a single number on any ticket.  I think that should be worth something.

Now I tell every chica on the site I love them every time I visit with them.  Mimi is quick to tell me that she does not love me and somehow I still manage to tell her every time.  Sometimes I will say, I have to ask you a question but please tell me the truth.  “Did you dream about me last night?   She replies with a forceful “No!”.  Even though we are just on the phone I can see her face tighten up as she tells me.  Now on the other hand, Penelope will say “of course baby but when are we gong to be together for real”  Now she understands how to play but I was most disappointed when I was explaining the lottery, and I asked her, “If I win, will you change your life, and be with me forever?”.   I was shocked when she said no.  I would much rather had her say, “Oh baby I will be with you even if you don’t win”, but I guess that was in my dream.  Maybe for the first time she though I was serious.  You know I tell my wife at least 20 times each day that I love her, and she has to listen to me tell another 60 ladies and one TS that I love them as well.  She has a good attitude about it, and the truth is I do love her and she can give me everything the others could, and I am quite content with her.

Since I mention the TS, I find it necessary to give her the same playful attention I give the others.  She of course is different but she deserves the same attention.  I just don’t kiss  her and I guess that is where I draw the line.  I do however want her to feel like part of the team and some of the others have embraced her. I have heard really good things about her and the clients are all happy with her and that alone makes me want to say the same things that I say to the others.  You may not remember the three that worked with us in 2005 and 2006, but Ivana is better looking and gets more clients than they did.  Someday maybe we will add a second one.

Well I am waiting for a book or a movie about Chapo.  That should get a lot of attention. I just wonder if there is still a chapter left in his life?  If there is, I hope it can be a violence free chapter, as enough people have already been killed.  I am sure many want to understand what makes his tick and discover another side of him.  I am not so sure I want to explore that angle, but I am interested in how he lived.

Well be safe out there and I will see you all soon.


Chapo has been caught again.  I believe 5 of his men were killed and one soldier in a raid Friday morning.  What is next in this story?  Many are calling for extradition to the US.  Others are waiting for Donald Trump’s comments.  Will he escape another time?   Will he write a “tell all” book?   Chapo has been responsible for so many crimes and murders that many would consider him public enemy #1.  Not sure where ISIS rates as that organization is also very violent. I certainly don’t profess to be an expert on the field, but like many I find the story fascinating.  I am sure a book and a movie will be big sellers.  I just hope we can get the truth. Not sure I can handle the truth.

On a more pleasant thought, Penelope is back and that is a huge plus for our clients.  Today will be her first day back and yet she has nothing scheduled as we approach 9am on this Saturday.   The rain slowed things down a little, but many still braved the elements to visit TJ this week.  Personally I love to hear the rain beat down on the roof and windows as I “get busy” with my love interest.  I can remember sitting on the front porch as a youngster and watching the rain, thunder and lightning storms.  They have a certain smell to them and it was always a nice quality family time to watch the rain come down.   We would always have a small radio playing to hear accounts of the storms and I guess that would not compete with Chapo, but we had a much similar life in the 60’s and 70’s.

This last week found Mariela to be our busiest chica.  She has always done well, but never been near the top in dates.  For sure guys always have nice commentary on her skills and personality.  She is pretty much a simple chica, but I have notices that her wardrobe has improved in her time on our site.  She looked good in her red dress at our Christmas party and got lots of attention.

I will be putting Samara back on the page later today as she quit and came back in a period of 3 days.  Not sure what is going on, but she was adamant about having her pics taken down earlier this week and just yesterday said they can go back up. She is a pretty young lady and fun to be around.

Would guess we will be offering some new chicas early next week.  Everyone seems to have a friend that wants to work so we will see what that leads to.  Sometimes when my expectations are low is when I have the best finds.  I guess life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get. 🙂

NFL playoffs start today and I don’t have much of an opinion on the outcome of the 4 games.  I will be watching however and planning on attending a Super Bowl Party next month.  Should be fun with lots of food and good friends.  We had a blast last year and expect the same again this year.

I hope the rain is behind up, and you all be safe out there.




Well it is a new year.  Football is winding down, and basketball is gearing up.  Next month baseball payers will be reporting to Spring training and Arizona and Florida will be bombarded with baseball fans.   I spent a some 11 years in Scottsdale Arizona and I remember how crazy the Spring was with MLB teams in town.  I remember seeing Jose Canseco often at a favorite restaurant of mine.  He got a few traffic tickets around the city when he visited.

We made out pretty good for the Holidays.  I cannot remember a December with more business, and I guess you can credit that with the number of chicas we have an an improved US economy.  NYE came and left without incident, which always scares me with young chicas that may drink too much.  I was in bed by 10:30 and listened to fireworks all night long.  I swear the people of Mexico love their fireworks.  Work hard, Play hard is the motto of many.   At this point in my life, I prefer to sleep hard. 🙂

Are the Chargers leaving San Diego?   Most people seem to think so, but maybe something will happen at the last moment.  I guess not but hard to think San Diego will be without a team.  The non sports guys cannot grasp the economic impact a NFL team brings.  Restaurants, hotels, taxis, and vendors will all suffer and lots of jobs will be lost.  I am not sure how it will impact my business as will the Bronco, Chief, and Bear fans visit TJ if the Chargers play their home games in the LA area?  Seems like our business does better with baseball fans, but of course we do not want to lose costumers.  Comic Con always brings a lot of folks to Tijuana.

Have not had a new chica in a couple of week, but will try to add some by the end of the month.  The talent level is off the chart now with Osiris, Mary, Penelope, Kendra,Honey and Angeles all getting attention.  Mary should be back in about 10 days and Penelope will be back this weekend.   Angel, Kenia and Sarahi are all staying stead and with Jennifer and Luz at the top of the TER ratings for Tijuana our team is strong and deep.  If you have not visited in a few months, it might be time to consider a visit.

Hope your Holiday was good and still be safe always.  I will be back soon.