Month: December 2015


Thinks have somewhat returned to normal.  Suppose in a few days we will take the tree down, but I am always slow to do that.  It has been quite cold and that motivates me even less.

Guys always ask about New Year’s eve.  We still have a few chicas that would accept a date.  Jennifer, Mariela, Angelica, and Kenia would do so this year.  Remember I am using the News page to update day to day changes.

Angeles has been a star flying under the radar.  She is very sweet in addition to being beautiful.  With Penelope and Mary out for another two weeks, that may open the door for Angeles,  Chiquita, Arlet, and CaSandra have been quiet as well.  I look for all 3 to pick up some steam.

Been enjoying the bowl games.  Looking forward to seeing how Air Force does with California in an hour from now.  Really loved the way Navy dominated Pittsburgh.  I had a great year in College football and my bowl pics have been above average as well.

Please be safe and enjoy your New Year.


It is Christmas eve.  All night channel 801 on DirecTV was playing the Christmas music I love to hear so much.  Later when the family is out of bed FM 96.5 will be playing on our stereo at a moderate level.  I could not sleep much last night and have been bouncing around different websites since 6am.  There are no dates scheduled today, and that is fine.

Well Junior is excited about Christmas, but I don’t think that will keep him from sleeping like it did for me for many years.  Part of the plan is to keep him busy so he knocks out tonight and Santa can visit the home while he is dreaming.  The tree has a many presents under it but his bike will come after he sleeps.  This is not the Mexican custom, however probably in a few years we will switch to a house party on the 24th and open presents then.  Honestly if we did that tonight there would be no sleeping and I do value my sleep.  I do have a half gallon of eggnog and we will not be adding any alcohol.

Around 3pm my family and some like minded people will be putting together 72 bags of candy for random children.  Every bag will include a pack of hot chocolate and a candy cane with many more surprises.  When it turns dark, we will hit the streets and surprise some youngsters and their parents.  I have a Santa Claus costume that I will wear, and everyone else will be wear a Santa hat.   It will not be perfect, but the uniform and the festivities will be with a lot of love and heart.

This is the first year of the Santa costume, but the third year of doing this.   72 bags is not much but it is a start.  We will have a police escort and maybe in some small way, folks can embrace the Municipal Police and the officers can get caught in the moment.  I know many will be skeptical, but it is a start.

I have adopted Tijuana as my city.  Now I know that very few if any locals care about that, but I will not let that discourage me.  With all our flaws, how tough can it be to embrace the Holiday and bring smiles to a few children.  Selfishly I want my 4 year old see the joy you can get out of sharing, that Christmas is not about getting but it is all about giving.

Plans are in the works to build a website to get others involved.  My dream is to see many merchants donate something like a meal or a sandwich and in return put them on the site as a contributor to the cause.  Who knows maybe in years to come the fire department can become involved.  Our website will have pictures showing our effort and hopefully that will get merchants to help embrace this idea.

So where ever you are, remember to be safe first. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and 2016 will be great.


Spent the morning watching football with my good friend Lou at a Caliente on 8th and Revolucion.  We have found it to be nice with a good breakfast menu.  We have probably spent 6 or 7 Sunday mornings there.  I had no particular interest in any of the games, but it is nice to watch a little and get out of the house.   Wife is out Christmas shopping as best I know.  I have the Chargers on, the volume off and listening to 96.5  FM to their Christmas music.  This is the way it should be…relaxed and primed for the Holiday.

There will be Bowl games all week with the first one tomorrow morning.  No college football on Christmas, but we can find something else to do.  I will most likely make a few wagers.  I just love college football as well as college basketball.   It sure is a lot more fun that traffic. 🙂

Sometimes we can easily take granted to what these girls do over the course of a work week or a month or so.  It cannot be easy and we should take a moment to thank those that do provide.   When chicas apply they have one idea, and then after the interview they have another idea.  Let’s just say we lose a few in the interview process and it is meant to be that way.  When I explain what GFE is  the body language of some tell me they cannot do it, and save all of us some time and money.  When a chica is thinking of becoming a prostitute her initial thought is she is going to spread her legs, and hope it gets over soon.  Just think about riding in the taxi with no knowledge of who will be her client today and yet she is expected to be happy and have a bubbly personality and then give it up like a tramp and enjoy it.  Sometimes we lose sight of what these young ladies have to go through.  At the same time most everyone is nice and treats the chicas with respect, and for that I am thankful.  So my hat is off to these young ladies that provide a much needed service.

So I know that many of you still have shopping to do.  I probably will do some shopping myself, but I am ready today.  I know some of you will get a laugh out of this, but while at Costco the other day I saw a toaster my wife could use. Our toaster currently does not work quite right and she uses paper on the part you pull down to set the toaster and then checks a bit later to see if it is ready to manually pop the toast up.  So I bought a toaster and had it wrapped as a Christmas present. I cannot even begin to tell you how many people have called me an asshole for that move, but believe me my wife is going to make out this year….and she will get a toaster as well. 🙂  Junior is 4 now and he is getting his first bike.  I have already filled his stocking and he has not even noticed.  He has however noticed a few presents under the tree and has a lot of questions.

I hope to be back before the Holidays.  Business has been brisk, but not much is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so if you have time come visit and help make some chica’s Christmas a little bit better.  Please remember to be safe and have patience for those that let the tension get to them.  Either way I will be back soon.


Happy Holidays




Just one more week.  I am pretty close to ready, but there will always be something I forgot or something I get at the last minute.   A space heater would be useful about now.  Man has it been cold in the evenings.

Big news:  Safiro will be working later and doing overnights for the next month.  Dulce C may be able to sneak in a few overnights on the weekends.  Malia is back but other than Tuesdays, she is available 10pm or later.  Mary and Penelope will be leaving the 22nd or 23rd but should be back around New Years.

I understand Karla will be off the site on Monday, but still can work “under the radar” after she is removed.  She is one of the hottest and the best in Tijuana but she somehow flies under the radar when she is on the site.  I was suppose to interview some new chicas but that did not happen, but will soon.

The Bowl season starts tomorrow and I believe there are day games  all week starting Monday.  I know I figure to see a lot of games.  Sprinkle in some NFL and college basketball and Christmas will be here in a flash.

Pancho is gone for awhile,  Chino just got a new taxi and already have had to call on Fermin, Edgar, and Sergio to help.  Looks like Edgar will get his Residence Card, and be living in the US in a few weeks.  He has been a big help these last 3 years, and he will be missed for sure.

This afternoon I am going with my friend Scott to visit the orphanage.  Should be there around 4pm.  Seems like the orphanage is getting smaller and smaller every year.  It is nice to see some move on and do something productive, but at the same time they are missed as well.

Should be back soon.  In the mean time, be safe out there.


Marlene called yesterday and wants to come back.  She is probably 20 by now, but was quite popular and I am sure will be.  I have plans to see her Monday.   She is a very tall young lady so if you like them tall she may be for you.

Malia is back.  I should have pics real soon.  Guys seem to love her or hate her and I cannot really tell you why.  Seems like she won’t DFK with some, but others says she is excellent in that regard.  As an agency owner I am going to work to get that more consistent.  She is always fun to hang out with.

Naomy says she has three 18 and 19 year old friends that want to work.  I hope to meet them on Monday and see what they are all about.  I always enjoy adding new chicas.

Angeles is not getting as much work as I would think for a chica with her beauty and skills.  She may be a chica that needs a few TER reviews and then takes off.  Luz and Angel seem to be hot right now, as they are requested more this month than any other team.

Luz is back to #1 in Tijuana and Carolina is #2.  I would hope that Sarahi would get more reviews so she could move up there.  She right now is our most popular in the last month, but has no reviews to show for it.  Kenia is outstanding as well but only a few reviews.

I am ready for the 24th to go out in the streets and give small gift bags to the kids.  I am hoping that next year it will be a bigger project and maybe it can be an annual event.   I am also hoping to get pics and maybe video of the event so others will want to participate in years to come.   Hopefully we can find a catchy name to give it.

Plan to be back a few times before Christmas but you all be good.  Santa is watching!  If you can’t be good please be safe.


Today Chantel left our site.  A nice gentlemen is paying her not to work and it is a good deal for her, and I guess for her as well.  We all wish her well and in the event it does not last she can come back to work anytime. She was having trouble juggling two jobs.  The problem was she was too popular and she had no time to sleep and sometimes would be dead on her dates.  I took her off the overnights, and that helped.

Malia is back, and that should make quite a few people happy.  She just makes are team stronger in the spinner department, which has about 15 to 20 in it.  I keep hearing we are a MILF agency and that is fine as we do have some very much in demand MILF’s but not nearly as many as we have spinners.

Mary got the attention of lots of guys at our party.  She is definitely one of our 5 hottest chicas, and some say she is the hottest in TJ.  I find Reina and Heidi to be at the top.  It is a nice problem trying to rank our talent.  One guy at the fiesta was telling me how hot Sylvia is, in her uniform for the Tijuana soccer team.   She is one of the many edecans we have.  Edecans are promotional girls and offten translated to models.  Dayanne is also an edecan as are several of the chicas.

Very happy to find out Penelope is available all hours now.  She lost about $1000 per week in dates she turned down as she was working as a hostess in a restaurant and could not do all the dates requested.  Mary has been in the same boat, but hoping she too becomes available more as well.

Angelica came back Friday and was quite popular this weekend.  I cannot imagine her being that popular, but it is nice to see she has a fan club.   Angeles looked hot at the fiesta and did not arrive until close to 10pm, but I was happy to meet her.  Mariela looked good in her red dress.  Hoping to have some pics to share, but here are a few until I get the rest.


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I will be back soon.  Please be safe.




First of all, thank you to all the good people that attended our fiesta last night.  My friend fotofreak and her husband for attending and helping with some excellent pics.  Not sure what I will be able to post here but we will get something posted in a blog or on the main site.

I kept hearing from the gathering about how hot the chicas  were, and some of these hotties are a secret to many as their is a faction that always say our chicas are all fat and old.  Man as you saw last night, nothing could be further than the truth.  Believe it or not I just met Angeles last night for the first time and was impressed with her.  One lucky client took Penelope and Mary together and I am sure he had great fun.

Another guy got Luz and Angel and we are sending him to have his heart checked. Angelica, Ashley, Ingrid, Dolly, and Kendra all left with clients as well, and I believe a good time was had by all.  Blanca, Yessenia, Jennifer, Mariela, Nancy 2, Marbella, Ivana (TS), Cielo, Kenia, and Sarahi were all in attendance as well.  Cielo look particularly good and crazy as well.  She sure loves the camera and I am sure I will have something to share with you in regards to Cielo.

I do not have the final talley from this fundraiser, but my friend Scott handled the money and I am sure I will be able to post something soon.  Big Lou was his usual self in the DJ box and kept everyone happy with his selections.  Oscar was there to help with name tags and translations and his help is always appreciated.

The entire weekend was a big success and I want you all to know that your patronage of our business and your generosity with the orphanage is greatly appreciated.  Probably will be June when we do this again.   I was exhausted last night, but I am alive and well.  I cannot sleep but I am guessing as soon as the 10 am NFL games come on, that is when I will sleep.

You all be careful and safe.  Have a great Holiday season!


As I was writing my blog yesterday I was watching the news about the shootings at San Bernardino.  One thing we should learn is not be so quick to judge.  Our authorities do a good job on their investigations but that takes time and even more time before we the common folk get that information.

Today it looks like it may be terrorism.  I just cannot understand why that place?  Could not they choose a million other locations that would have a greater impact on our lives. No disrespect to the good people that were victimized or had friends or families that were affected by this action.   I just don’t see the Inland Regional Center as a “hot spot”.  This crime will not cripple traffic or shut down airports.

My fear that this may be the start of a spree of similar shootings or terrorist attacks.  I hate to speculate but I think it is only natural for us to wonder.  I would think that if we can learn the motive then we can understand what may be next.  I guess we can say that what we may have learned is that nothing is off limits.  That alone can be scary at best.

Best we can do now is keep our eyes and ears open.  We are taught to be tolerant, and I will not suggest we should blame all the people of a certain region.  Every County, every race has an abundance of idiots and assholes.  Most us can find many in our own neighborhoods.

What scares me is that this couple had assimilated into our society very well and at least the co-workers said he was a nice regular guy.   I am sure more information will be available soon.

I hope you can all go about your daily lives without much compromise.  I suggest we be patient before drawing conclusions.


Take Care, and be careful out there.


Hello everyone.  Listening to Xmas music courtesy of 96.5 FM San Diego.  All Christmas music all day and that is just fine for me.  Hope you are all gearing up for a fun weekend and of course your shopping. It is cold enough for Christmas, but I could celebrate you fine in warmer weather.   Junior saw Santa on Monday and for the first time he did not cry.  He is set to turn 4 on Monday and for him a Mickey Mouse cake is all that is necessary.  We are having a small party for him on Friday.

I hear the new chica just got pics, so they should be arriving soon.  Looking forward to having her on the team  She is friends with Mary and Penelope, so I hope she is just as good.  Honey is getting lots of attention so I have not heard much about her.  One guy says her breasts are smaller than advertised and another says they are huge.  I would be happy to change those 36C’s to B’s but I have no clue.

Pancho will be leaving Tuesday so don’t forget to wish him a Merry Xmas and you may not see him to February or March.  I am glad he can earn enough for long vacations, but of course miss him.   Seems just seem to run smoother with him here.  His vacation does allow me to work with others and have them ready for that day when he leaves for good.   He is a young guy so just maybe I will expire while he is still working.

Soon will be the bowl games for college football.  Looking forward to the match ups and of course the actual games  Kind of curios what will happen with Notre Dame and Western Kentucky.  Hope Western Kentucky gets to play a big school like a team from the SEC or Pac Ten.   I just hope Notre Dame plays well as obviously they will be the favorite in their game, unless somehow they get in the final four.

Hope you can come visit and if not enjoy your Holidays.  I will be back soon.