Month: August 2015


The site seems to be up now without issues.  I cannot explain why it was up and down on Monday, but all seems to be good at this time.


Things are good as lots of different chicas are getting work. Seems like the new pics of Karla are helping her and of course Kendra.  Kendra has several dates yesterday and seems to be the flavor of the week.  Two guys have already re-scheduled with her and that is always appreciated.  Look forward to the first report for Aileen.


I have been watching the Little League regionals all week and how fun that is.  Those kids are so innocent and play at a high level and at the same time show some great sportsmanship.  I also like the microphones on the coaches. Sure they know the world is watching, but all the same it is nice to hear how they coach the kids.


Will be doing a few things different with the site soon as I have a couple of meeting scheduled with folks that are willing to help me.  Hope to at least link the TER reviews to the chicas pages.  It should help the client as well.

Is it hot enough for you?  I am going crazy with this heat.  Thank God we have nice hotels with air conditioning her in Tijuana. Our city does not have the best reputation, but we do have nice facilities for our business.


I have seen a little exhibition football recently so that just gets me excited for the college and NFL games.  They will occupy a lot of my time.


Hope you all have a great weekend and of course be safe out there.


Welcome back folks. It has been a trying nearly two weeks, but we continue to do brisk business and thanks to all the folks that called to check on me. It is great to be back on line.

Word Press has given us an updated version and I cannot add pics right now, but am sure that will be resolved later today.

We have added a few chicas.

Dalila is a cousin of Karla with a similar look.

Minerva is back.

Samatha turned up while the site was down.

New chica Vanessa is sending pics.

There are several chicas waiting for interviews, so hope to have some new faces real soon.

Thanks again for your support.