Month: June 2015


There is a lot going on. My son will be her on Sunday for 4 days, and I am counting down the hours. It has been several years since his Mom let him visit here, so I have lots planned for him. One surprise will be a birthday party, 6 months past or before his birthday. I am sure he will be surprised. I figure since I am never with him for his birthday, then I can surprise him with this party. I believe it will be fun.

Well the excitement is over from the escaped felons from a New York prison. It is amazing that they were on the run for 3 weeks. I have to admit, I want to hear their story. I am more interested in what happened after the escape as what they were thinking, were they nearly caught earlier, what their conversations were, etc. I am grateful that no innocent lives were taken, but I am interested all the same.

Did you see Karla de Mexicali is back as Dolly. I was glad to hear from her. Hoping that Tiffany and Megali come back soon, but there are no guarantees. The chicas are taking turns being the star as I never know from day to day who will be working. Chantel and Samara are working almost nightly. I know this may surprise you but if I had my pick from all the chicas on our site for one night, it would be Layla. I just feel like I have to have her. I saw Kenia last week, and was amazed by her beauty. Working to get new pics real soon as she should be more popular based on presentation. Carolina, Sarahi, and Kenia are doing well. Sorry to say their is no indication Perla will return. Hope she is doing well. Angel is so sweet. I am always happy when she works.

My wife has left for vacation and it has only been two days and I miss her and our 3 year old. It is quiet around the house. I am ready for them to come back, but it might be 3 to 5 weeks. We are talking daily, but it is not the same. I was kind of looking forward to having the house to myself, but that passed in like 2 hours. I hope they have fun, and she may bring her sister back to help with babysitting. Sis has stayed a few months on 2 separate occasions, and is a welcome addition to the family. I have never been upset with her and she is always a positive influence over the entire house. I do regret she will not be here to see my son.

Well this is the week of July 4th. You may not realize this but fireworks are going off all over town starting July 1. I hear them every year. These people love their fireworks and just look for a reason to have fun with them. I can see into Sam Diego and can a fireworks show every year. Am looking forward to this year.

I ask that you be safe this weekend. Some people lose their minds around the Holidays. Keep you head and just take your time getting to your destination. Some of you will be visiting Tijuana and I am sure you will have fun. See you real soon.


A lot is happening and I have been wanting to write for a bit. With any luck at all my son will be here to visit the 4th of July weekend. It will be business as usual however.

People are writing and asking to be put on our mailing list. Now I have not sent a group e-mail out in years but I am actually thinking it could be helpful for when we have parties. My condition would be that it would be sent to guys that have used our service. I have cut the parties down to 3 a year, so there would not be many sent out.

We have added some new chicas but seems like guys want to schedule Alexa but always when she cannot work, or guys schedule and cancel her. She is without a doubt a very attractive spinner. Samara was recently added and there seems to be interest there as well. Right now I have no idea who is the star in any given week, as the chicas seem to be taking turn. Angel, Chantel, Sarahi, and Naomy 2 are getting lots of attention. Carolina and Kenia are doing well and it is great to know that we have so many chicas to choose from. We are approaching our 1,000 TER review.

Sandra is now doing overnights again, and she is someone the clients love with excellent kissing skills. Karla and Luna are two beautiful chicas that do well, but I am working on getting better pics as they are both great. Mariela is leaving for vacation near the end of the month and may not be back until August. She is saving for her vacation and has her tickets but a couple more overnight dates would really help her while gone.

Linda TJ again is being exclusinve with a client. This happened before with a guy for 4 years. Have no idea if this well last that long, but she is welcomed back any time.


Got lucky in the horse racing. Made money all 3 Triple Crown weekends. That does not happen often. I am not good, but lucky. 🙂

Well come see us, we are waiting for you. Remember to be safe out there.