Month: May 2015


The last week started slow. That always gets my attention and you want to know why, but it leaves me guessing. Tijuana has been victimized with lots of violence and that cannot be good for business. The very much loved Zona Norte has had maybe 10 murders in the past 3 weeks. That is a place I enjoy visiting, but I find it quite disheartening what is going on. I have defended the reputation of my adopted city as I was always the first that would answer, that in fact we had violence, but not in the area of tourism. Not sure how long this will last, but I am concerned.

I have lots of ideas and the truth is I don’t know much for sure. It seems to me, that the problems are from two groups. Outside of the Zona their have been dead bodies showing up around town(and not in the area of tourism) with messages attached to the bodies. The notes have said the responsibility party is the CAR (Cartel Arellano Félix), but I am not so sure. Many of their people are finishing up prison sentences. They were in battle for control of the border, but these killings seem to be in regard to local sales. At least these killings are not being witnessed and so collateral damage is less than likely.

Their is a group from Guadalajara that is claiming responsibility for the murders there. They seem to be killing dope peddlers on the streets and have said that women and children won’t be spared. Anyone that provides a threat could be killed. They call themselves the New Generation that has no respect for the old rules for doing business. At the very least they are getting attention and I have no interest in the drug trade, but I would say that I for sure would not want to sell in our beloved Zona Norte.

Many of you know that several years ago I met with Julián Leyzaola when he was the secretary of police. He was controversial, but things changed with him in charge. Tijuana became quite safe with him here in town. After his term hear he took a similar position in Juarez, where the drug battles were averaging 10 killings a day, and declined to an amazing 18 murders in a month when he retired. Well their was an attempted assassination on his wife last week, but I am happy to announce he is alive and getting along. It was not a well thought out assassination attempt and actually appears to be from within the police force in Juarez. I have much respect for the man and wish him the best life has to offer. He deserves to retire and enjoy life. Sadly he will have to make his home outside of Mexico.

Just a few weeks ago, the big story in Tijuana was a Chinese restaurant was serving dog. I think those of us in Tijuana very much prefer that the big News story is about restaurants and not about violence. Please keep Tijuana and the good people of Tijuana in your prayers.

Anyway after a few slow days, our business picked up on Thursday and has been going strong. Our team is really deep with a variety of chicas getting work. Chantel is doing real well and new chica Samantha is as well. Looks like a couple of chicas will be returning soon so keep an eye on the site. Ingrid and Tiffany are gone but that may be just a temporary situation. Both are welcome back at any time.

I did well at Pimlico Friday and even made money on Saturday, but not in the Preakness stakes. I really don’t know much about horse racing but I give is a shot on big race days. It is nice when everything works out. I give it another shot in about 3 weeks at Belmont.

Wherever you are please be careful and when you get the chance come see us. We love when you guys visit and we should have some new talent soon.


Happy Cinco de Mayo. Most of you know that the 5th of May is not celebrated as a Holiday and just another ploy by the beer companies to get Americans to buy their product. Whatever it means to you, Happy Cinco de Mayo. Some of you are always looking for a reason to drink so there you go.

Once in every 7 years Mothers day is the same day on both sides of the border. It is always the 10th in Mexico and most if not all of Latin America. So I would guess that many of you have plans for that day and just wanted to remind you to get your flower orders in. If I have them by Friday that would be nice.

Carolina is back. I am waiting on pics, but all is well and some of you have been asking. Yessica is temporarily off the site but will be back soon. Can’t find Ingrid with a search light and about to remove her. Not sure what happened but she will be missed. I have several chicas to interview this week, so maybe a star is coming.

Karla has resurfaced with a new phone number so that is good. New chica Chantel is doing great and is staying busy. Not sure how long she will stay as she said she wanted to send $400 to her Mom. Well she made that in her first 2 days, but I am glad she is still working. Jazmin is back today, and Linda is back but seems to never be able to work. Arlet is back and getting lots of attention with her bigger ass.

Got lucky and hit the excacta 10 times in the Kentucky Derby. I spend the day with a good friend that no longer visits Tijuana as much and he is indeed missed. Over the last 15 years my circle of friends has changed to only people that are hobbyists or Tijuana enthusiasts. I still love my old friends but they would not understand or appreciate my line of work. Good friend Maria is still in my circle, but has moved to Arizona and I miss seeing her.

Bought a new computer yesterday, but it is sitting on the floor in the living room. Will hook it up sometime this week. Wife will use this one as she is taking a computer class as long as learning English. Her and the little one (now 3) are fine and seem to enjoy live even though they are living with me. The little one just does not know any better and to some extent I spoil him.

I am amazed at the diversity we offer and how the chicas scheduled are often different from day to day. Barbie is back and has her visa but is not pictured on the site. Brittany is near the end of her pregnancy and thank to you guys she has saved some money. Zulema is also pregnant but has elected not to work during her pregnancy but should be back in July or August. Luz is pregnant and should have new pics to reflect that soon. Cindy will be working a bit longer and also has a visa to visit the US. Sarahi has been doing well and she is doing cim with nearly everyone now. She is one of my favorite chicas and is so pleasant to work with. She along with Angel must be the nicest chicas in the business as they always say “please” and “thank you” when I visit with them.

I hope to see you all soon, and please remember to be careful out there. When you are ready, we will be here.