Month: March 2015


I have lots to talk about. First of all I enjoyed this last weekend of basketball without any wagers as nothing stood out to me. I did have some must see games and enjoyed them especially the Wisconsin and Michigan State games. I believe this year the Big Ten season really prepared them for the tourney. The week to week grind with so many close teams, had them ready for the tournament. When the games were close in the last few minutes you just knew they were going to win. Here is hoping that Wisconsin can beat the most corrupt team in the history of college basketball in the next game.

As always I will hate to see the season come to an end, but that just means baseball is about to start and we should have pleasant weather for the next 7 months. It will be interesting to see who goes into the draft and who comes back.

Now next Tuesday the 7th of April I will be taking a week of vacation and visiting my son in Tennessee. Don’t panic as I will still be working, and Pancho and Alfredo will hold down the fort. Now the site most likely will not be updates until I get back on the evening of the 14th, but that will be the biggest difference. You can call the same number and the calls will forward to me. Now on the 7th I will be up in the air quite a bit and think I will hit my destination around 3pm PST. On the 14th I get back at about 10am and will be out of commission from about 2am that morning. I am going to a Mexican embassy on Monday the 13th to help my son get dual citizenship. His cousins are going for the same thing so we will all be glad to put that behind us.

Our talent is as good as ever with different chicas playing the part of the star. I hear that Kenia is on par with Tiffany and Ingrid so that is quite encouraging. Initial reports have been favorable for Jazmin and Linda and I am quite happy to have them aboard. Lil Yessica did a couple of nice dates this week and she is not talked about much but does outstanding.

We broke a streak of 41 on time deliveries On Saturday and I hope to go on another run of 40 or so on time deliveries. I am super glad to have Pancho back as he really understands what needs to be done and is like a manager in the field when he is driving. Paraiso has asked to come back and I am waiting for new pics and we will get her up and going in no time.

Hope you guys have a great week and please be safe. Hope to be back real soon.


Hope you are all doing well. Looking forward to seeing many of you next weekend. I know I am looking forward to it.

Spring training is on and March Madness begins in about 10 days. I always love the tournament. I will be glued to my television day and night.

Looking over the schedule and for whatever reason Karla, Ashley, and Osiris have not been getting much work. All would be superstars on any other site. New chica Chanel seems to be the popular flavor at the current time. Waiting on Nicole to do her first date as she could not work when requested this week.

Very much looking forward to my April trip to Tennessee to see my son. He is 15 now and I really miss him. Wish his Mom would allow him to visit again. Got my passport renewed this past week. It had expired in February of 2013 and that goes to show you just how important a passport is to cross. I got the Pass Card as well, so that line is normally a bit faster.

San Diego is working on losing the Chargers. Many seem indifferent but if they do go they will be missed. Carson is making a push for them and San Diego is dragging their feet on building a much needed stadium. The Padres seemed to improve their team so maybe they will be a bit more competitive this season.

I am going to run now, but hope to be back soon. Please be safe out there and we will be waiting for you.