Month: January 2015


Happy 2015 folks. Much is happening and all is well in our household. The business is growing and we need to hire more taxis but that is always a problem as honest taxis drivers are hard to find in Tijuana. Pancho left December 8 for vacation and he always takes close to 3 months. I ham always sad to see him leave but grateful he has that opportunity. He has called a few times to say hello and it is always nice to hear from him. He is missed and that is for sure.

As a manager of various businesses over the years I learned that you realize how valuable your help is when they leave. Now I try to let Pancho know how much appreciated he is and I believe he is happy working with us and if he someday moves on, that will be a sad day. We have become good friends which is good for me as we have a sense of loyalty to each other. A few years ago he was attacked and was close to losing his life, so if nothing else he appreciates working wish us because the fear of being robbed just is not there when he is driving our clients around. He does not need to pick anyone up off the street any longer as our business supports him to the point he can leave for 3 months every year. He also has the satisfaction of knowing he has work when he returns.

Alfredo is working a lot more in Pancho’s absence and he is enjoying himself. He is a sports nut like myself so his radio may be tuned into a sport station in the evenings and he likes the old school rock during the days. He knows most of the American groups and speaks good enough English. He has trained as a boxer and coaches children in boxing as well. He is a good guy and although he has nearly a year of working with us, I have gotten to know him much more in Pancho’s time away.

My son just turned 15 and I am hoping to go visit him in a couple of months. They are back in Tennessee now and I am shopping for deals on line for tickets. My wife has a son here, but he is not my biological child but the 3 year old does not know his real father. I am so happy to be the father figure in his life and he gives me great joy on a daily basis. I truly believe that if my wife and I don’t make it I will miss him more than her.

I am guessing I can wait to pick a Super Bowl winner, but am leaning toward Seattle. Just concerned about a couple of injuries they have, but given nearly 2 weeks to get well, I have to think they will play and be effective. I don’t have any strong conviction there.

Now I finally bought a new phone. My BlackBerry has been giving me problems and I went for a Smart Phone and I am learning slowly I got an Oppo, which as best I know is a new brand but it seems to be pretty good. I’m learning and have a way to go. I have not even got all my chicas programmed in the phone but I am getting there.

The quality of our team is high right now. Dulce, the original, and Jennifer just went to the public site and were only working from our Face Book page before. Malia and Priscilla are doing great and little Naomy 2 has been getting outstanding reviews. All are easy to work with and I don’t know who is going to get the work from day to day. We had 17 clients one day last week with no one chica having 2 dates. Now that is some diversity.

Seems like the internet is going out of service more than in past years, but hopefully things will be back to normal soon. At least I can forward calls and catch e-mails off of my I phone. I am not the quickest with the new technology but I do understand the need to embrace it and move forward.

Valentine’s Day is coming up so please get your orders in as that day can be quite hectic. I enjoy delivery the flowers and taking pics so I am looking forward to that.

Please be safe out there, and I look forward to your visits.