Month: October 2014


Well game 6 is History and tomorrow we will see who wins the 2014 World Series. I’ve been pulling for Kansas City but I have no real allegiance to either team. Should be fun to watch.

The erotic review no lists 5 or our chicas in the top 6 and it will be 7 out of 8 as soon as Jocelyn gets another review and Michel comes back. Michel has got a boob job and although she was no busty she was after all #1 in Tijuana and quite popular. I love her but was not in favor of the surgery. As a matter of fact I do not know once chica that has benefited from breast enhancement. All the same I wish her the best and send my love to her.

Lucifer starts back to work on Thursday and Jocelyn is already back, but things are getting interesting on our team. Right now it is Marbella, Malia, and Dana getting the bulk of the work. Tiffany is still limiting herself and I expect her to do well during the Christmas break.

Friday is Halloween and I hope to take the little guy out early as Revolution gets busy with trick or treaters. Last year it was a zoo by 8pm and maybe 5pm is a better hour. I want to get home early so I can take care of the overnight dates. Anyway for sure I will have fun.

Lots of chicas are asking to work and I think we have outdone ourselves with the type of talent we have available now. A client recently told me that Mimi can give Angelica good competition in oral. That is saying a lot and just shows you we are even deep in MILF’s.

Hope you all have a great weekend and of course be safe out there. We expect another busy weekend so keep us in your plans.


Well Halloween is coming. Our little guys is going to be Mickey Mouse, and Mickey is his favorite. Hopefully he will understand it is not daily clothing. We are loaded with candy so the neighborhood kids will be quite happy.

Have you seen the new talent? They are all 3 doing well and looking for their first reviews. Jocelyn called today and said she will be ready to go next week. She was going to work a few weeks ago and had problems and had to leave. Hopefully all is well. Still have a few coming.

Wow was that Norte Dame/ Florida State game exciting or what? Hopefully the Irish can run the table, but I am not holding my breath. It has been a great year for college football. Hopefully it will be a great finish.

World Series starts tomorrow and should be a compelling series. Hard not to root for Kansas City, and looking to watching the games.

Health wise I am doing better and hope I can maintain that through the Holiday season. I always love the Holidays and spending time with my family. I hope to take a vacation soon. With technology what it is I can stay in contact with everyone for nearly free. Just got to figure out when.

You all be safe out there and we will be waiting on your visit.