Month: September 2014


How is everyone doing? I think I am over my sickness and I feel a lot better. I’ve been eating a lot of vegetable soup, have a change in medicine, and just feel normal again. I have pretty much quit drinking. I would say in the past two and a half years I have not drank a case of beer, but I occasionally will drink one or two with my friends. Beer was not ever my problem but it does not help me any, so I have cut it out.

Have you seen all the new chicas? I am very happy with the new additions and still have more interviewing to do. I can honestly no one has been fired but some, like Chanel have lost contact with me. They all are invited back if they ever call me. Marlene came by my house but I guess I have her number wrong. Marta has her birthday tomorrow and Pancho has his on October 4. My best friend has her birthday on October 10 and is always surprised when I remember. Well how can you not remember 10-10?

My son is back in Tennessee and in a special school that specializes in drama. He has been in a few plays and aspires to be a Disney kid and he will be 15 in January. I hope to have him visit for Xmas. I really am missing him.

Well plenty of football now and MLB (not the agency) is having their playoffs about to start. I believe California will have minimum of 3 teams in and Oakland is very close. You guessed it the Padres just missed, but the Chargers are looking good.

Hey you guys be careful this weekend, and always. Be safe and don’t forget our new chicas may be future super starts. Waiting to get reviews on Araceli, and Ximena. I keep on bring in more talent. Everbody have a great weekend.


It has been too long. This heat is killing me, but hopefully it goes away shortly. I’m starting to feel better and have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Thanks to all for the kind words.

There has been some new faces recently and it has created some excitement and hopefully you will see more in the upcoming weeks. I like the looks of Aracelli and hopefully she will be going out by the weekend. She seems sweet and I am hoping she can be quite sweet and quite puta as well.

A provider recently passed and I was thinking about some spot on the page that recognizes providers for good service and longevity. Just seems that putting up a dead provider may be with good intentions but probably not a good idea. Maybe I will do it on face book where it is not open to the public?

I’ve had a few clients take pics and I like that idea, so I hope to do it a few more times. The chicas seem to like the idea as well….at least so far.

Looks like 4 California baseball teams may make the playoffs. Looking forward to it and the college football playoffs as well.

Be back soon. Be safe out there.