Month: June 2014


Happy Monday folks. At least it has cooled off some. Well as usual we had a good week and took clients that scheduled elsewhere only to find they others did not show up and the agents were not anywhere to be found.

Finally Tiffany got a Saturday off. We have been keeping a waiting list for her and on this particular Saturday she did not have a date or anyone on the waiting list. Maybe some of the under the radar chicas will get back on the map like Osiris, Sunny, Arlet, and Ducle C. With all the moving around of the chicas sometimes a chica like Sunny gets lost in the shuffle. She went to a wedding on Saturday and missed out on some fun. Claudia has been a great MILF but tried to pull a fast one and not provide GFE, but her most recent dates have been great like the first ones. Angelica has got some of the Milf market though.

A guy that is sometimes critical of our big girls, never took the time to really look. I counted 17 spinners and along with them are thin girls Sunny and Sylvia. He was quite impressed after seeing the line up. It is funny as they guys who like spinners are quite vocal and think everyone else has a problem if they do not like the same chicas that they do.

Our Sarahi is a tremendous chica that lots of guys not about, but she still flies under the radar only getting like 3 dates in a week sometime. Every time I see her I think she would be the star of almost ever website. Pretty soon Sandra is not going to be under the radar as well as she is looking great and still providing the best of service. Now I hear there are some girls coming but seems like everyone has been dragging their feet. Cynthia has been all over me to get her pics and the response has been great. She will probably get tested real fast.

I wish Lucifer would get back, but I keep sending guys to her in Mexico City. I always loved her “flotation devices” She is special and whatever is going on with her, I wish her the best as does everyone at Team Juanita. She was always easy to work with and always respectful.

I hope you all had a great weekend and look for some new chicas soon. Be safe out there.