Month: May 2014


It is just after midnight and I have not been feeling well the past week, but seem to have turned the corner and things appear to be better. Work has been good, and with my lack of energy I have not been spending money, so that makes business even better. 🙂

Luz has a friend that may be pictured here in the next few days. Luz says she is beautiful, and I have had very pretty chicas tell me that just to have chicas show up that are bigger than I am. So I am cautiously optimistic. Luz btw has lost a lot of weight and she looks younger in the face than I recall. I hope to have pics to share with your real soon.

Yesterday my Mom would have turned 91. She passed on January 10 of 2004 so hard to imagine she has been gone over 10 years. I took time to reflect on our lives together and I have to say, I won the lottery in the “Mom” department. Maybe I have printed this before, but she was a sports nut and has some huge influence on my love for sports. She was not just a fan, but could repeat the rules for the casual fan that may not have understood what they just saw.

Now she would travel to watch me compete and she would not always see everything objective, but that is what made her so special. She could rationalize that I lost because the other guy cheated, or a referee missed an important call or who knows what. I don’t think she ever told me I lost because I was lazy or I did not train enough, although on some instances, it may have been the truth. There is an age where a young man wants to go on his own, but that did not happen to me. I may have been 17 or 18 years old and competing, and my Mom traveled with me and was my biggest fan. The smart kids embraced this as she was always good for some cookies or some lemonade. I was never jealous either as I loved that Mom was accepted and respected by the others. Kids may have made fun of me for traveling with my Mom, but they always respected her.

I have a million “Mom” stories, but this one may be something you can understand more than the others. My Father was a widow and married my Father. She always talked about “Joe” her first husband and what a great man he was. Now I don’t at all doubt that he was a good man, but life has also taught me that you become a hell of a lot better when you die that you may have been here on Earth. Anyway Joe was a beer salesmen for a popular beer back in Indiana in the later 40’s and early 50’s and I believe he sold Fallstaff. So my Mom went with him to an event held by the Distributor of the beer and like a good company woman, she ordered a Fallstaff at the event. She took one swig and spit it out in front of the folks and her dear Husband made a joke about her not being a drinker and trying to support him. She drank soda or ice tea at future events and all was forgotten.

So Mom, I salute you today, for being the best your could be and exceeding the expectations set for Mom’s all over the planet. You were my friend, my teacher and my supporter for some 44 years before you passed. Not a day passes, that I am not reminded of something you did or said that effects my life. I know that you could always see the positive and were never bashful about the negative. I’m sure you wished I was doing something else, but I can still here you……”this is a terrible business, you lady, and I am sure you could do something else to earn. If you are going to work in it, then I am sure you are better off with my son that someone else.”


Is it hot? Man I don’t know when we will get some relief, but hopefully soon. Monday and Tuesday the phone started ringing off the wall after 8pm. We don’t normally do much more than overnights after 8pm, but this week has been different so far. I think guys are so uncomfortable that many guys don’t think about seeing a chica until it cools down.

I was watching fires in San Diego yesterday, and that was nothing nice. Last I heard no homes were lost and I hope that is still true. I’m afraid we are ripe for more fires and maybe a couple of days of rain would do us all some good.

So I get a call a few days ago while riding with Pancho. Guy says he is on our site and wants the pricing. After going over the prices he asks if the chicas bring their own cleaning supplies. Now I am wondering if this is some type of code word or what, but he proceeds to tell me he has a lady that use to come by on Thursdays but he often had to go to Target or Walmart to buy cleaning supplies, because his girl sometimes did not have them. At this point I am wondering if I am the victim of a prank on the radio. I keep it clean and tell the guy maybe he should call someone else. I’m guessing it was not a radio prank.

Going to turn 55 if a few months. It makes me feel like it is time to write the book. Have no clue how to publish it (well a friend says he will help), but I guess I need to sit down and write a little every day. Problem is that the story is not complete and I do not want to retire. I will work on that problem. I look forward to having the work completed.

I am not a fan of the NBA, but I do feel for the Clippers and wish Don Sterling would just disappear. It is a shame the big story is not about the game. It is also a shame that they can milk these playoffs into June. Hope you are enjoying the baseball season.

Was reading some comments about pricing chicas by their appearance etc. I would never do that as it is just not fair to the most popular chicas. They may lose work because the price of someone else is lower. Now I do have different prices for overnights, but that is by the chicas design. Some just will not work for $300. That has nothing to do with pricing or tier but by a chicas desire. When I get a new chica I don’t even mention the $400 8 hour overnights as I don’t want that to be the norm. I also never mention covering the face, but sometimes another chica suggests it. Of course I have to respect the chicas decision, but I don’t want to put that in her mind. It would be interesting to see which chicas would be top tier and by who’s account. They all get work so people are willing to pay for everyone of them. Our team is so rich in talent now and I am quite happy with the way things are going. Business is better than ever, but now the work is split up where as in 2005 and 2006 about 2 or 3 chicas would dominate the calendar. In the first 3 days of this week 23 different chicas have worked with only Jennifer doing multiple dates. There are so many choices in escorting today that you just never know who is going to be requested.

Hope it gets cooler out there for you. Have a great weekend, and as always be safe.


Today was a sad day for Team Juanita. Marta has quit and we all wish her the best life has to offer. She was always a great provider an a sweet chica but most recently she picked up some popularity. She was on a level similar to Angelica. Some guys just did not see her and believe me these missed the boat. I suppose she could come back but for now she is not working. I think Angelica may be back some day, but for now a guy is keeping her exclusive and they are living a bit further South.

Tiffany has just shook the escort world. She is available on the 16th and 17th, and not before. I am sure there will be reviews coming up shortly. I think our clients are hoping summer break gets here with the quickness.

Luz is a funny animal. Just saw her and she has thinned down, but she is nearly impossible to reach. I think she is living with a lady that is controlling her phone. At a time when her popularity is rising and she could really earn I cannot reach her. On that note I have reconnected with Chanel and she is ready to go.

I have another chica coming soon that has never worked before, but I think she will do great. I’m hoping to get pics in the next few days, but she works a regular job and will most likely be a night time specialist.

Carolina has been picking up steam She has had a good couple of weeks and has a few more dates on our calendar. She is an oral specialist and guys love her talent. She is one chica that busts her ass to get to Tijuana to be early for our clients. She keeps a good attitude and that is much appreciated.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Give us a call and ensure it. 🙂 Be careful out there.