Month: April 2014


Hello everyone. Things are going real well and I would like to thank you all for your patronage of our agency and our chicas. Chicas come and go, but while they are here, we want them to perform at a high level and give our friends the type of service that Team Juanita has provided for years.

Recently I got two complaints on Sylvia in about 10 minutes for the same problem, and I was so disappointed. I kept hearing how good she is and how much fun a night was with her. I really don’t know what happened, but just saw a review on her by a trusted client that was quite favorable. She does work a full time job and maybe she just burned out. This should not happen, but hopefully that behavior is behind her.

The erotic review: This is the best tool the clients have but it is not fool proof. Recently Megan had a rash of fake reviews. One guy said he and a friend took turns fucking her ass. She is not a Greek provider. Then others said they came in her mouth and well she does not do that either. Kiara had similar reviews about cuming her mouth, but she does not do that. Kiara is excellent and somewhat files under the radar.

Flying under the radar: I sometimes mention that and then guys ask who is flying uder the radar. Well here are some chicas getting good reviews without a lot of talk around the internet.

Sandra ( great service, but no reviews)
Sarahi (good sweet, and a real treat)

Now Tiffany in her first week was not overlooked. She was so busy that she took today off from exhaustion. I have been hearing she is the best, but cannot tell you why. I have heard that she seems to enjoy the dates. Now mind you her dates have been with guys on the “gentle side” and not with what I would call the “pounders”. Her overnight dates will be weekends only now since she is back to school on Monday.

Please remember that Mother’s day is always May 10 in Mexico. It is always the 10th regardless of the day of the week where as in the States it is the second Sunday of May. If you want to send flowers please get your order in by Wednesday the 8th.

Now a heads up: One of our good friends has donated an autographed football by LaDainian Tomlinson who played many years with the Chargers. We will auction if off in July to benefit the orphanage we always work with. I really do not know the value of that, but we will see what it brings in and you can bet I will report it on the site.

Hope to be back soon and please be careful out there.


Hello folks. First thing is I found out that for the last week, I have had a problem on the site with our “contact form”. I have not been getting those e-mails.

Since many of you just e-mail to me directly, I did not really notice it until today. It is fixed now and I believe the problem started on April 9th. Why it happened, I don’t know, but should not happen again.

Waiting for pics of Tiffany. I met her today and she should do well. She is a school teacher and has until the 28th of this month off. Hope to have her on the site tonight. She speaks a little English too.

There are a couple of hidden gems available, so if you have used our service and are not on facebook, you may want to e-mail me or call me. There are some great opportunities within our team. There is also a new chica coming on Friday that works in a factory but has the weekend off for the Easter Holiday. I don’t know anything about her except she is from Sonora.

We have several dates scheduled for Sunday, which is strange since it is Easter, but like always, we are happy to entertain you. Now if you have tried to contact me and have not heard back, please try again.


Happy Arpil Fool’s Day. I have nothing planned to get you on, so you can read without trying to find out what is right and what is wrong.

First of all I have two ladies coming back. One is Ashley and the other is Anahi. I should see them both tomorrow and hope to have them pictured by the evening. Many met Claudia at the last party and she should be on the site tonight. I met a nice chica named Ruby that is suppose to send pics today. She is fine and 19. I know she will be popular but will be a daytime chica. I suppose she may not send her pics as she promised, but I am hopeful.

Who has the hottest chicas? Who is the hottest chica? I see this discussed often and everyone has a different opinion. Some folks say a guy that does not the same type of chica he likes is lowering his standards. Others say the first guy is to shallow to expand his. It has always been my policy to have ever type of chica know and let the clients choose for themselves. We have always had our share of spinners, but some will look at Maythe and give up while others look at her and call me to see her.

In my opinion Sunny, Sylvia, Sarahi, Marta, Jackie, Megali, Camila Dulce M, Ruby, Dayanne, Michel, and Chanel are some of the hottest chicas around and they all have their fans. Some guys say they don’t like the “hotties” because they don’t provide good service, but I call bullshit on that one. Look at Sarahi and she is a perfect example of a hottie that gets the job done and guys always want to see more of her. Personally I am partial to Layla who may be the smallest chica in escorting and she should be back in a month. I will admit that when I am around her I fantasize about having my way with her as she just gets my blood boiling as does Megali who is real hot as well. Anxious to see what both Ashley and Anahi look like now. Now Sandra has dropped some weight and I am anxious to get some new pics of her.

Leo left today as his father is ill. Pancho has his taxi and today is his first day of work since December 18, so he had a more than 3 month vacation. He has 6 years working with us and he is valued and appreciated, you can believe that. Leo should be back on the 19th.

Hope you are enjoying the basketball tournament. I”m sorry to see it coming to a close, but baseball is here and well you know football follows. I find myself rooting for Wisconsin, but we will see.

Finally our face book has a surprise on it so if you are our client ask me about getting on it and you can see what eveyrone else sees but cannot talk about. 🙂