Month: March 2014


I’m already loving the NCAA conference tournaments and soon it will be the big dance. I will probably go to Nikki’s to watch the first couple of days, and eat 3 meals there a day like I do for the NFL season.

Osiris and Layla are back and Safiro is on her way. I may see her tomorrow and that should shake things up again. Many folks call us the site of the MILFS and we definitely are strong in that area, but sometimes folks get lost in realizing how many tiny chicas and spinners we have. Actually our clients know how it is, but the critics are those that don’t really look at our site or have no intention of booking with an escort. Even chicas not on the site like Abril and Barbie are getting requests, but now that Marta is getting lots of attention, some of you should look at Alina as she always gets good reports. Of course if you are not our client her pics and her service is not available.

In 2014, I am struggling to understand how a plane can get lost. Strange that some of the relatives say their loved ones phones are ringing. It is probably not possible to have a happy ending to this story, but all the same we can all hope.

I have a guy come from out of state (and I mean from out of California) who found us when doing a google search on Chapo Guzman. I would not have guessed that but I did write about him and boom,one more client for us. I had 4 guys last week that has scheduled with someone else that called us after getting stood up. Who knows why that happens but we are trying to stay ready. Pancho should be back next week, so we will have more flexibility.

Remember if you are our client our face book is available to you and the pics are hidden so that your friends will not see them. The banners cannot be hidden but the pics are. In nearly every case there are 15 or 20 pics of each chica….then there is Zulema who only has two. I have been working on that, but she lives so far away that it is difficult to get to Tijuana for pics.

Layla has not had sex in two months because of having a tumor removed. She has got the green light from the doctor, but she is a bit tentative. She won’t really know until she gives it a go. I wanted to lay her down today and find out…and she was willing, but I just could not do that. I have not been with anyone since my chica moved in with me and as much as I wanted to I just could not. If it was one year earlier, I would have had her and she has always been one I wanted.

I visited with a TJ municipal cop about Chapo and if we expect violence in Tijuana after his arrest. I can’t say the officer really knows, but he told met that Chapo gave himself up under two conditions. One was that he was allowed to work from prison, and two that he not be extradited to the US. Personally if that works and we are spared the violence I am ok with that. It is not perfect, but it may be for the best. Time will tell.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I know many are coming to visit this weekend. Be careful out there and of course be safe. I will be back soon.