Month: February 2014


Well Chapo Guzman was captured on Saturday night. The question everyone is asking is how will it effect Tijuana? Short answer is I don’t know. In the past the violence that we had in Tijuana in 2008 and before was never in the area of tourism and it was calculated and never random. Our guests have never been in harms way and we vow to make sure that stays the same.

Your safety if our biggest concern. We have canceled dates before when there were issues at the border and maybe we could have pulled it off, but that is not the way we do things. Somehow the line to walk into Mexico was over 1.5 hours one night this past Xmas season. We called every client to tell them, and luckily we only lost 2, as several were already in hotels here in Tijuana.

Did you see the pics of Danna today? She is a nice chica, and those were taken at Nikki’s bar and restaurant. Well they were taken in a hotel room at that location. I spent every Sunday this football season there as they show the games and have a nice crowd. If you are looking for a place to watch football I recommend it, and the food and service is pretty good as well. They have BBQ, but I often get their other items like pork chops, chili dogs, fried chicken with gravy and mash potatoes. The breakfast is real good as well. It is also a popular place to watch the pay per view fights.

College basketball is moving right along. If you know me, then you know I am a fan of the Cinderella story. This year I like Creighton, Wichita State, North Dakota State and Georgia State along with San Diego State as teams that may make some noise in the tourney. Looking forward to seeing the draw and of course the first 4 day weekend of the tourney.

Going to go now. Have a good week and be careful out there.


It is almost midnight on Sunday February 9th, so I will date it the 10th. Only a few more days to St Valentine’s Day, so get busy and if you want flowers or Chocolates for your favorite Team Juanita chica, it is time to get your orders in.

Business is good, but it does not always go as according to my plan. Before I say anything else, I appreciate all the calls. The business may not be what you think it is or operate how you think it does. Everyone is entitled to their opinion or pre-conceived notion. It is Sunday and we did ok today, but the end of the evening affords me the opportunity to go to the movies with my wife. We don’t get out too much and it is the fault of my work. Often the last date is at 10 or 11 and it involves me calling a client and making sure he gets picked up at the designated time. That included me following up with both a chica and a taxi as well as our client. It is work but it is not exactly construction either and it is a job I am more suited to perform that physical labor, and a job that many have no patience for. So while in the movie and nearly at 11pm the phone rings and a client wants a chica. I am trying not be be rude to the folks at the movie and talk very quietly. Now 11pm or midnight is a great hour for a date, but not really when you are calling at 11pm to set it up. Most chicas have given up for the night and do something else. They may be hoping to get a call before 8pm, and when I don’t call they go out. Fair enough for me. I don’t expect the chicas to sit by the phone all night. Now some folks may think we are busy until 3am and that is not true. I really am not interested in a call after midnight unless of course I Know the guy. Truth is that early mornings are normally drunk callers and they normally don’t make a pleasant date for the chicas. This guy tonight asked who was available and when I suggested a chica he wanted to know what she looked like. I’m thinking, “are yo not on the site looking?”. It is all good though. Basically if you want someone at 11 or 12, ask before 8pm and we might be able to make it happen.

Remember Lucifer? I will forever remember her flotation devices. Those are special and she is a chica that is easy to work with. I just had to tell her where to be and when and she was there. She did not require 10 phone calls like some do. Anyway she sent me some messages today, and I do not know if she will ever make it back, but she is missed and her return will be very much welcomed.

Perla has recently retired. She asked me to thank everyone and she said hugs and kisses and all of her love to you guys. I am not so sure this is a permanent retirement but until I hear from her again all I can say, is I wish her the best life has to offer and of course the door is always open for a return tour. That young lady has it all. She took to escorting very seriously and proved that a beautiful and young escort can provide good service. I can remember one day a client of hers wanted to drink in Hong Kong and his friend was with Ashley and they invited me to hang around and I took a chica friend as well. Now we are in a private room when the waiter comes in and says that the Manager wants to talk to them both. I’m thinking they are getting thrown out but they come back laughing their ass off as he asked them to be models and where a Hong Kong Sash for 2,000 pesos a week. 6-8 hour shifts for 2000 pesos. When they told the guy they make more money in a day the guy was speechless and excused them. Not sure where Ashley is right now, but I do understand someone got her to scam a poor guy out of some money. That is a real shame and I was sorry to hear about it.

As far as current chicas who are doing well, I would put Marta at the top of that list. Her new pics are bringing folks out of retirement. In the Milf category we are still strong with Dulce C, Alina, Barbie and Abril always getting great comments. In the younger chica category, Roxy, Sunny, Dulce M and Jaqueline are doing really well. Megali is on vacation and Jennifer just got back but still managed to have a good week this week. Michel is getting a slow start to her return, but has some nice dates on the calendar coming up. Michel gets a lot of 12 hour dates which normally go for $1000, but getting a bit creative she has done a few for $740. She does not do $300 overnights so she will do a $500 10 hour overnight with a two hour $240 date and wallah, it is $740. A few chicas that do the $300 overnights have done $400 for the 10 plus $240 for 2 and done them for $640. New chica Sylvia has stolen some hearts already but like Roxy when she gets started she is hard to stop. I had a client “tap out” because he could not keep up with her.

Hope to add a few new ones in the next 10 days, so keep focused.

Take care and be careful and I should be back soon.