Month: January 2014


Well I sure hope you are all doing well. 2014 is starting out great, and I am just sad that football is near the end. I have found Nikki’s BBQ restaurant and Bar to be a nice hang out on NFL Sundays, with a few Thursday and Monday’s mixed in. My small group of friends have been asking each other what do we do after the Super Bowl? I’m sure we will make our way back, but football motivates us to go, so only time will tell.

Well we had a new chica, Camila, on the site for a few days. She was scheduled a ton, but only did one date and decided she did not like the work. Of course I don’t want to have anyone feel like they are being forced, but all the same it was sad to see her go. Honestly I am surprised it does not happen more often. I can only wish her the best life has to offer.

Tonight I was ready to interview some other new chicas, who just quit answering the phone. I am hopeful they will come aboard in a few days. I have heard from Marbella and Layla but they seem to have disappeared as well, but they are welcome to come back any time.

Now I lost my phone before Christmas and it has been hell recovering all my numbers. Just finally heard from Katherine and Kenya is back. Michel says she will be back Thursday. She is not often back the days she says, but that means it won’t be too much longer. Monse finally called in as I had not heard from her. I think Rebecca and Brenda are the only 2 I am not sure about right now.

Did you see Dulce C is back? She has very limited availability, but must be done by 3pm and cannot work any later on any day of the week. New chica Sylvia looks fun…really wanting to hear about her. She really acted like a horny chica to me and hoping to hear about that real soon.

Well my boy turned 14 over the weekend. Where does the time go? His Mom took him to Philadelphia for the weekend, and he liked that. He has been acting and was in a play here recently that had like 34 shows in 40 days. He loved it, but it was a little much for Mom. I could not be any prouder of him.

In the most recent movements, people are starting to talk about Marta. She may be the best MILF out there today. Alina is pretty good as well, so check them out if you are a MILF lover. Sunny is back and making lots of noise. Megali is still hitting home runs regularly so we have many excellent choices for what ever flavor you like.

Hey Valentine’s day is just around the corner if you need to send flowers, candy or a teddy bear to your favorite chica.

Be careful out there and I will be back soon.