Month: November 2013


Monday would be my Father’s birthday. He would be 91 and he passed in 1990. He was a great Father, and I am sorry I fall short of his skills. I often think about leaving Tijuana to live with my son. I just don’t seem to be able to make that decision. Now he is in Columbus Ohio and he is doing quite well.

Did I mention before about our poker tournament on December 7th? It will be at Nikki’s at noon and if you want to participate just let me know. I will get the details to you. The proceeds get split up between the first 3 places and our orphanage. Now if you want to sponsor a child, let me know about that as well. While mentioning Nikki’s I should also plug their 120 pesos Thanksgiving meal. I know I will be there on Thanksgiving.

There are suppose to be more new chicas coming. I may even have pics later today, but I doubt it. I hear one of them is quite attractive. I am anxious to see her. We did add Cleopatra and Candela a couple of days ago.

College baskets are under way and as you should know by now, I love college basketball. Not sure who is who quite yet and waiting for my DirecTV which should be here today or tomorrow. I miss it with a passion. It is a shame television is so important to me, but it is and I will get it installed quickly.

If you were unaware Michel to the number 1 spot on TER recently. We dominate those ratings with Perla, Jennifer, Tania, Carolina also all in the top 10 and Luz is very close to getting in just short a couple of reviews. We are on top with the best talent in Tijuana combined with nearly perfect on time delivery. On that note Pancho will be taking his vacation soon and we will have some new drivers out there. I will stay on top of things so that we have a smooth transition.

Hope you have a great Holiday weekend. Don’t forget us as we will be here waiting for you. Be safe out there.


First let me say that this blog is giving me headaches. I’m hoping I can publish it and if not I will try to find my buddy that helped me.

It has been a very trying last few days. The clients and chicas have been outstanding and our on time deliveries have been outstanding. We delivered Megali 10 minutes late on Saturday, but that was after she was 30 minutes early to meet our driver. A shortage of drivers made it difficult, but we did get warning out to her gentleman friend and he was not at all bothered by this. One of my points of emphasis is always on punctuality, and we do a great job there. Hats off to Pancho for working his ass off.

It started on Friday night when I was in bed. I got an e-mail asking for a Saturday appointment for Fernanda. Then the client wanted her face picture, and I apologized and said he can only see her face picture after he sees one of the chicas that are pictured. That stopped his letters.

Saturday morning, I got another 3 e-mails telling me to take her pics down because she is a thief and she is dangerous. They even said she was working with the Zetas. The Zetas are a drug cartel, that are not allowed in Tijuana as another group has control and as you all know we have not had those cartel drug wars in many years here in Tijuana. A Zeta in Tijuana would be killed with the quickness. Now I got a pretty good laugh at that.

Then I get a threat from the Zetas, and they are coming to my home. Now I don’t really know what is going on, but the fear did not cause me to lose my appetite. I’m thinking all along I have to figure out how Fernanda got someone so pissed off. Now the theme of the first set of letters was “take her pics off your site”. Now I wondered if it was a pissed of ex, a pissed off client or a pissed off woman?

Then I get a text message warning me once again that Fernanda is trouble. I at least now have a number so I wait until Sunday night to call the number and it is answered by a very small agency that is not talked about often. So I hung up and made a note of that number. Sunday night Fernanda is crying about a facebook page that says she has aids. The person that opened it is the owner of the same agency with the text to me.

Fernanda says she did a date with them last week, but refused to take pictures and did not want to work with them for the price was not fair to her. Now I will be the first one to admit, that she probably is leaving out some details, and who knows what she is leaving out. I get e-mails and texts often from boyfriends, husbands, etc with stories of problems trying to convince me to take down pictures. Truth is there are more problems with clients that think they have a girlfriend. My policy is if the chica wants to be pictured then that is up to her. One guy once told me that he knew his chica was not wanting to work and her pics were on the site just to attract business so I could “bait and switch”. Two days later she came for pics and he was stunned to see new pics with her current hair style,etc. The behind the scene shit can become tiring, but if you know me, then you know I love my work.

So in the end Fernanda is no longer on the site as she is upset about that page, and she will work still, but just not be on the site for this lady to make accusations linking her page etc.

I am hoping this is over, but only time will tell. She has been a good addition to our team and I am looking forward to the day she is pictured on the site again.

I’ve got more to say about other things, but will wait for another day. I hope you had a nice Holiday weekend, and with the quickness it will be Thanksgiving. Be safe!