Month: October 2013


I think I have figured this out. Hopefully I can write a bit more often now.

Drugs? I never understood it, but they are important in the lives of many. Alcohol is a drug and it falls into the same category for the hobbyists. Personally I use to drink and it can be fun, but I would never want to drink at a ball game. I could not imagine missing parts of the game to go pee, when I could drink after the game. It does not enhance the game in any way. I was the same at the Springsteen concerts. Those concerts are long and I did not want to take a chance at missing anything or having a distorted memory of the show. That is me.

Now sometime around 10 years ago a guy writes that he wants an open-minded chica. That always kills me. What the fuck is open minded? So I tell him he may want to tell me what he wants and he replies “I want her to do heroin with me and my wife. Have to admit, I did not think that is where he was going.

Now in the past year a mature lady reached out to me for work. She was thin, had bolt-ons and she spoke English very well. Now in our interview she had tried working in a bar, but she hated to have sex with guys that were drinking, so our approach seemed to be more agreeable. She told me she would tell a guy she was on her period to avoid going to the room with intoxicated men. So I send her on a date and the client tells me she may be the very best MILF I have had. I was quite encouraged. On her second date, she calls to see if I can send another chica as he is hung to well. Then when she gets home she calls and quits. She tells me the guy had cocaine in the room, and wanted her to do coke with her and she did not like that at all. Now I must admit, I don’t know how often that happens but this guy was a first time client. So her escorting career was short lived.

Recently on an overnight date the client calls me at 3:30am and says he is having great fun. He says the chica wore him out and he was letting her go home early as he wanted to rest. Around 8am I get an e-mail that he is disappointed. He says the chica agreed to come back to his room and did not show up. Furthermore he admitted he was doing coke all night. I guess coke really fucks with your mind. I just cannot get upset with the chica in this situation and I have to laugh at the guy. He is telling me he was doing coke, made a deal for more time with the chica, he calls the agency owner to tell him how fun it was, and then write a letter saying he was ripped off. The next week he called again and asked who would be fun, and I politely suggested he just lose my number.

Finally this past weekend we had a group of guys that scheduled a small party with 4 or our chicas. The guy casually mentions that there will be some pot smoking and some folks doing X. Now I clear that with all the chicas, but one left the party early unpaid because in her opinion, the drug usage was out of control and she did not want to spend 8 hours in that situation. Kind of a weird situation, but I appreciate the chicas point of view and although I lost money, fortunately the guy was not out money. It just comes back to bug me, that folks cannot have fun without the benefit of drugs and expect escorts to be ok with it. In his defense he did give me a eads up, but in other situations like a a couple of paragraphs above the guy just figured the chica would be happy with some drugs.

There are so many things that happen in this business that nothing should surprise me, but it does. One agency warned me about a guy that asked for some bondage and wanted to tie up a chica. He put handcuffs on her and blindfolded her. Then he took off the condom and came inside her. So I instructed our chicas to not allow themselves to be tied up. Sure enough a guy scheduled a date and then let the chica go early and said he was hoping she was more open minded. So I took the bait and asked the question. He told me he wanted to tie her up….and she refused and I told him I could have saved him the trouble. After a bit of research the other agency sent he his e-mail address and it matched the guy that was with our chica.

I miss things that is for sure. I do want you to have fun, and I want to make money and for the ladies to make money. I really work for both the guys and the chicas, but often guys don’t share with me what they want. If you know me, you also know I will turn down offers if I don’t think we can fill a guys request. I want repeat business and it is better to be honest, and miss an opportunity rather than send a chica into a no win situation.

Finally you don’t know how my calls I get from guys that want to talk directly to the chica. “Put Michel on the line please”. When I explain that the chicas are not in the office and will not be in the office they almost always hang up. That is fine. When we had the secretaries answering the phones, it was a great service, but they all agreed that some guys were a real pain in the ass and would call with no interest to do a date. I guess they just wanted to keep the secretary on the phone while they beat off. My Mom always said “it takes all kinds”. I know she was right.

Hope you all have a great week and maybe I can update the blog more often. Be careful as always.

10-24-2013 and before…with my apology for being a slow learner


Well folks, only one more week to Halloween. I have the good candy ready for our neighbors. Hope they appreciate it.
The little guys has his Batman costume, and he will most likely hate it, but his attitude will be different when he sees the rewards. Just maybe he will ask to go trick-or-treating on Friday and Saturday as well. He has a birthday in early December, so he has a lot going on right now.

I did not realize this until now, but after checking today in review, we had 6 first time clients on our calendar. Best I can tell they all went home happy, so I hope we made 6 new friends. There are several new guys coming over the weekend as well, so all is looking good here.

Ivon was put on the site this afternoon and within 30 minutes she was scheduled. I am waiting for a friend of Fernanda’s to come aboard and they will work bi together. There are a few others I am waiting for and we will keep looking.

Some folks do not understand that Barbie, Nicole, and Abril are still available. They have all been discovered by folks they do not want seeing their pics. Poor Nicole had her pic passed around her school, so she is happy to work, but not be pictured or mentioned on the site. I doubt those students are reading the blog. 🙂

Rosa called and said she is done as she just got a boyfriend. I wish her the best and of course the door is always open for a return.

I am going to keep this short, and hope you all have a nice and safe weekend. If you are wanting to visit we will be here.


Every year I mention my friend Maria around this time. Her birthday is 10-10 and of course that makes it easy for me to remember. I believe she will be 72 on Thursday. Bless her heart, as she is a great friend and she is missed as she now lives in Phoenix Arizona. I actually met her in Phoenix in 1984.

I want to visit the US to load up on good quality candy for the 31st. Our neighbors deserve only the best. I have to figure out a costume for the little guy who just passed 22 months this week. He has no idea, but I am guessing in November he will be asking if we can go trick-or-treating again. He has his birthday and Xmas both coming in two months, so it will be an exciting time for him.

Just added Amber today. I think she will do well. There are a couple more coming in the next few days, so we may be reloading. Katia is going to Vegas tomorrow, so she will be working there. She wanted to thank everyone for their kindness and helping her survive while in Mexico. I think she will be back, but not sure when.

Football is great this year with some teams doing well that normally do not like the Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos look like they are from the next era and have no competition. I believe they are a 28 point favorite this week. That is a testament to how good they are and to how bad Jacksonville is. Did not Jacksonville beat Denver as an expansion team in the playoffs? Well don’t look for that to happen this weekend.

Everyone is talking about the Government shut down, but fortunately it has not affected the wait at the border. For awhile this summer it was pretty bad, but things are more in line now.

Chicas are coming and going, but I promise to continue the hunt for nice chicas who will provide GFE. I cannot say enough about Megali as she should have some 10 TER reviews by now, but I think everyone is trying to keep her a secret.

Hope you are liking the new look on the site. The traffic it is bringing is unreal and of course people are staying on the site a bit longer. I am still learning, so have patience with me. I am hoping I can publish this blog as the last time it did not go live and showed up a few days later.

Please take care out there, and I promise to be back soon.