Month: September 2013


Well, I am happy to be back and hope all is well for all of you and yours.

I’m learning this new site, so please have patience with me. I was so disappointed today as I had a young lady upset she was on Face Book. She is a great provider but someone had to tell her she was there. I have not put her on the public site and as you know I do a great job of protecting chicas pictures from guys that are not our clients. You cannot imagine the e-mails I get from guys that only want pics. Some guys are just so stupid as they will write, I am going to do 10 4 hour date next week so I just need to see the pics to decide. Well guy, let me make this easy for you….just choose from the chicas that are pictured.

Now that I have a young guy in the house, I am looking at the world a bit differently. What costume will he wear for Halloween? Mom is thinking he would like Sponge Bob. He is just short of 22 months and is picking up a few new words here and there. I think I write about Halloween every year and I hope to get across and buy candy really soon as it seems to be more expensive in TJ and I like the good stuff. I won’t be going to any parties, but I enjoy seeing folks enjoy themselves. Please be careful on this Holiday as some folks get dressed up and then get out of control.

Well for the moment I have no DirecTV and I am not so happy about that. I guess the guy I got it from in under investigation for selling the service illegally and that is not much of a surprise. I am hoping to have it back in the next few days. I have our local cable television, but as you may guess it is not the same. I did have about half a dozen college games on Saturday, but of course not the ones I wanted.

I have a friend that is having some problems and I am going to have him do tours to put a few dollars in his pocket. I have to add those tours and the roses program to the site sometime soon. If you know anyone that wants to visit but be shown around please think of us. I’m sure he will do a good job and be professional. He is an American guy and of course speaks great English. 🙂

My friend Maria just moved to Phoenix Arizona. I did get a chance to visit with her before she left and it was quite sad to say the least. She turns 72 in a few weeks and we have 30 years of friendship and I had to realize that in all likelihood I will not see her again. I seldom saw her when she lived in Riverside County and it is not going to be any easier. She has been my best friend for those 30 years and we have done a lot of things together. Maria I know you are not reading this, but I wish you the best life has to offer and you are missed.

My son is doing well in Columbus Ohio and he is showing an interest in acting. Maybe I will make it back there to see him perform. I would like to surprise him and just show up, but no idea when that would happen.

Have a great weekend. Please be safe and I will be back before you know it.


Hello Folks.  Hope you are all doing well this Holiday weekend.  We are doing great here and I enjoyed the first few days of college football, and looking forward to the start of the NFL as well.

Many of you may remember that I sometimes mention my friend Maria in this thread.  Maria is a white lady, and I know that in this blog it would be easy to imagine a Latina.  Maria has been my good friend for some 30 years now and we have worked together in both Arizona and California.  She is soon to be 72 years old and is as sharp as a tack.  I’ve never had a better friend and in our years as friends I believe she has been to 10 Springsteen shows with me and a ton of sporting events. We even watched Notre Dame with the National Championship in the Fiesta Bowl. 

Well Maria is moving back to Arizona next weekend and I am going to try and visit her on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  She has a few of my possessions, but believe me I am motivated to see my best friend of 30 years one last time.  She is a Hungarian lady and just a tiny tiny thing with the heart of a tiger and no fear at all.  Piss her off and she can be a pit bull, but I love her all the same and will do anything I can for her.  I just hope I don’t break her when I hug her.  

How about this heat?  I took 6 showers on Friday and still was not comfortable on Saturday morning when I got up.  I know this heat cannot last forever and soon I will be wishing it was warmer.  My wife should come in handy in those cold months.   I did not find this summer to be that warm until this last week.

Our site is getting a face lift.  I don’t know when it will be complete but lots of it is done and who knows when it will be live?  I think you will like it and just hope I can stay on top of the new chicas, news and info as I have been the last several years.  I am not very skilled, but I do learn and make the changes. 

I hope to be back on this site in a few days to report on some changes and news.  Have a nice Holiday tomorrow or today (depending of course when you read this).  Be safe on the streets and I will see you soon.