Month: June 2013


Hello everybody.  Having quite the busy day today and awaiting pictures of two new chicas.  I paired the site down a bit today as some chicas just are no longer answering their phone.  They are all welcome to come back, but at this point is best to take them off the site.

Well two of newer chicas have caught on fire.  First Rebecca  who has been quite busy.  I have heard from a few that she is our best MILF and yet another says he would not repeat.  Sometimes the info can be confusing, but for sure guys are repeating with her as they really like her and the service she provides.  Violetta has only been out a couple of times but I got two “Wows” so hopefully she will continue to gain momentum.  Arlet has done great coming back from vacation, and I am quite happy to see that.

I am about to pull Kamala and that is quite embarrassing but I cannot find her with a search light.   Perla and Michel are still running neck and neck for top providers in Tijuana.  I am still reminded of our great providers of the past like Mia, Dulce, Jocelyn, Monique and Nahomy.  I just hope that history continues to repeat itself and we continue to provide the premier chicas of Tijuana.  Have had no luck in tracking down the midget, but I have not forgotten her.

Now I don’t know if we have the entire story yet, but sadly a young sex provider was killed on Tuesday morning.  I believe she worked at Hong Kong Bar and used the name Brisa.  It may have been a murder/suicide as her live in boyfriend was found with two bullets in his head.  I believe he has since died.   They were an attractive couple and it is such a shame that two lives were terminated so young. 

I am working on putting on a benefit poker tournament this summer.  I’m not sure if we will get it done, but for sure it won’t be for a lot of money and 50% of all entries will go to the kids and the other 50% will go to crash prizes for the participants.  If you are interested shoot me an e-mail and I will let you know if we get it together.  Would most likely be a Saturday at noon start.

Everyone have a great weekend.  Keep and eye out for a couple new chicas this evening.


So Saturday I am on my way to Costco with Pancho when we see a midget walking down the street. Man I want to talk to her as I know that a ton of guys would like to be with a midget.  At the same time, I don’t want to be disrespectful and approach a non working chica about working.  So we decide to follow about a block behind her and after 3 or 4 blocks we lost her. I get out of the taxi and check every business on the block but nothing.  I don’t know what I would have said if I did find her, but believe me I will be keeping my eyes out for her.  I have a couple of eyes on the street that will let me know if she shows up in their area.

We need to add a few more to the site and I will be getting on that soon.  One chica was going to do well, but she just cannot make it to scheduled interviews.  I figure she will stand up one of you guys as well, so what is the point?  There is still a really cute think spinner type that is suppose to come in for pics.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her call.

Then there is Kamala.  Contacts me and promises to send new pics and nothing.  I make her a nice page and explain who she is to those that are kind of new and she just disappears.   Maybe she will show up in a few days.

My wife decided I have a girlfriend today.  I was out of the house about 90 minutes with Pancho and said I had lipstick on my lips.  I kissed a chica when I greeted her, but really wasn’t worried about being caught.  So she did not seem to be mad, just said she was thinking I had a girlfriend.  Kind of weird, but there was no ultimatum or anything like that.  That is good as I don’t do good with those, but it was more like maybe I had a girlfriend but I am still your wife.  I’m not looking for anything “extra” as she is plenty of woman for me.  I never disappear for long periods of time and I invite her everywhere, but again it is not like she is pissed or anything. 

Half way watched the Jody Arias story last night.  I did have enough presence of mind to record it for later viewing.  I was fascinated with her story, and of course it is tragic, but it definitely hold my interest. I suppose we will be watching the George Zimmerman story in about 6 months.  I wonder how that one will end? 

Today my Nextel worked the entire day.  Probably won’t work tomorrow, but I can always hope.  I hope they get the bugs out of it as I do want to go to the US for 7 to 10 days and it will be quite difficult to be efficient with no consistent radio contact.  I’m just holding my breath.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.  Be safe and I will see you soon.


Getting ready to go out on Friday night, but waiting for those last few dates to get started.   It has been a quite unusual week this week.  Perla and Michel saw a big decline in activity, while  Jennifer, Chanel and Katherine got a bit busier than usual.  Katherine got a really bad review and it is hard to say if it was a client that actually saw her.  She was having a problem with texting during her dates but I thought that was resolved until I saw the new review.  It could have been someone just parroting what he read on an earlier review.  She had two different clients see her twice this week, so I tend to think things are better with her.

Jennifer took off with the most requests for the week and it has been a long time since that happened.  I got some nice feedback on her dates, so that is always encouraging.  She has some great reviews, but every once in awhile she gets a bit intoxicated and then all bets are off.  I was happy to see her keep it all under control and get the job done.

Nizuara went out last night, and I always like to see her get work.  Now I can only hope I can get new pics of her.  She would benefit from them and that is for sure.  If you want a chica that is getting overlooked and not wanting that top rated provider I would recommend Rosa, Camila, or Natalia.  Somehow they are not getting much work but they would qualify as diamonds in the rough.  No one has seen Sofia, and everyone is wanting to know how she is.  I’m sure we will know in time.  Violetta is going for her first date in the morning and I am looking forward to a report on her.

The Face Book page is coming along and if you are on the fence, get on it, but you must have used our service to be on the site.  There is always more pics and information on the Face Book page and I try to update the page daily.  There will be new chicas again soon.  I did have a couple come by last week and they said they will send pics, but I did not see anything special in them, but you never know.  I did visit with a chica that looked great and not sure if she is going to work or not.  She was quite pretty and if she works, she will be a busy young lady.

Arlet is coming back Sunday night and guys are already getting her on the calendar.  She was much in need of a week off and looking forward to her coming back fresh. 

I don’t do this often, but if I was going to see any of our chicas, I would put Megali, Karla, Cindy and Arlet at the top of my list.  Megali may be the best kept secret in Tijuana and part of that is because she only does overnights on Friday and Saturday. 

Well it looks like I can leave now, so I’m out of her.  You all have a good weekend and a Happy Father’s Day to all you other Daddy’s out there.   Be safe!


Today was quite slow, but a lazy day is much appreciated every now and then.  I did hear from a few young ladies that want to work, so I hope to have new pics soon as well as some pics of chicas that applied recently but have no pics.

Well I now have a new nextel, and someday soon I will learn how to use it.  It is a touch, which I have no experience with, but I have been playing around with it a bit.  I have talked to a few people and I will probably post the number on our Facebook page so at least I know when I get a call it is from someone I know.  I was more than a month without a radio and that makes it quite uncomfortable for me to spend much time in the US without that easy form of communication with the troops in Mexico. 

My son is 13 and hoping to meet him in Las Vegas in August.  Las Vegas is not the best place to be in August, but if my son is their I will walk barefoot through the desert to visit him.  He is showing a little interest in acting, so I think he will be taking some drama classes in the Summer.  I know I just sent money for some type of classes and whatever he decides to do I am sure he will do it well.

The Erotic Review has been a great source of our success over the years.   When many hobbyists travel they make their plans to include escorts and with San Diego being a nice convention spot for people, we benefit a lot from that.  Now I say this because they can be some really difficult people to deal with at times.  I have some clients that submit nice reviews and the site administrators work overtime to find a reason not to put them up.  At the same time a guy will write a fictitious report and it gets up right away.  I remember several years ago a guy reviewed Jocelyn and reported that she insisted on paying the taxi and the room.  Now my issue is with Nicole/Johana.  I submitted her name change and link to TER and they keep denying the name change.  I encourage all of you to do the same, so maybe they will get tired of the requests and just make the change.

I heard from Lucifer in May, but keep forgetting to mention it.  She is down in Mexico City and will be available to any of you that are visiting.  She saw a few guys in 2012, but she changed numbers and I just got her new number.  Man is she ever missed.  She was so easy to work with as she always answered her phone, was always on time, and performed as well.  When I interview new chicas I often tell them not to worry, they don’t need to sleep with the boss.  I remember after a few months of work I was in the taxi with her and sitting up front and she was in the back after a client was just dropped off.  I said, “Lucifer remember when I told you that you would not have to sleep with me?” and she indicated that she did remember that….so I turned around and look into her eyes, above those huge twins of hers and said, “I lied”.  I did get great pleasure from saying that,  but of course I did not put her to the test.  Every time I saw her I was reminded of how tiny she is.  With those melons of hers you can lose site of just what a itty bitty thing she is.  I would lie if I said I was not attracted to her. 

I am about to fall asleep, so I will just tell you to be safe as always, and I hope to be back in a few days.